wsl highlights goals and standings after matchday 14

WSL Highlights, Goals, Results & Standings: Matchday 14

Hi, to all women football fans around the world and Hana community members,how was your weekend? Did you catch any exciting matches? If not, no worries! Hana WSL Highlights every Monday will bring you the thrilling goals, scores,  standings, and off-field stories from the weekend matches in WSL.

1. Chelsea VS Manchester City

Last Friday's most anticipated match was the title showdown between Manchester City and Chelsea. However, don't jump to the conclusion that the 1-0 scoreline in favor of Manchester City made the match seem dull; in fact, it was anything but dull. Goalkeepers in both side put on a brilliant show to prevent the scoreline from widening. Following this match, Manchester City girls also drew level with their opponents on the league table, as well as stopped Chelsea’s remarkable record on home soil in the process. With few matches left this season, the title race is set to intensify.

wsl highlights chelsea vs mancity girls

Not long after the match began, Manchester City quickly found their rhythm. Jess Park swiftly intercepted Chelsea’s Captain Erin Cuthbert in midfield, dribbled  and passed it to "Bunny" Shaw, who then skillfully used her instep to score into the net from inside the penalty area.

wsl highlights-bunny-scored-for-mancity-at-14-minutes

Shortly after, it was the combination of Park and Shaw again. The former dribbled past several defenders just outside the penalty area and delivered a perfectly weighted pass, which Shaw received and stroke a powerful shot. However, this time, Chelsea's 23-year-old goalkeeper, Hannah Hampton, reacted swiftly and managed to parry the ball away.

chelsea-keeper-stopped-shaw-and-park-connection-in wsl-higlights

Lauren James then posed a threat for Chelsea with a 1v3 solo, breaking through the defense on the left flank. She passed the ball to the team's new recruit, Ramirez, who without hesitation, delivered it to Leupolz. The German midfielder then passed it to the rapidly advancing Kirby. However, Manchester City goalkeeper Khiara Keating stretched out gracefully to make a side save, deflecting

Kirby's shot.


As the game progressed into the second half, Chelsea goalkeeper Hampton also showcased her solid performance, Stopping Chloe Kelly 's attempts to extend the lead.


Chelsea didn't give up their attempts to equalize the score. Their captain, Cuthbert, sent a spectacular shot that had Manchester City fans holding their breath, but the attempt narrowly missed the goal. 


The most stunning performance of the entire match came from Keating just before the final whistle. She first blocked Cankovic's volley with a fantastic dive, and then, while still on the ground, quickly got up to save Nusken's close-range follow-up shot. 


2. Arsenal VS Manchester United

In Saturday's match, Arsenal once again broke their attendance record. In this game, up to 60,000 fans were in attendance. The Gunners didn't disappoint their home crowd, securing a 3-1 victory and continuing to trail the top two teams by just three points on the league table. This was a very interesting match, with own goals, penalty, stoppage-time goals, and record-breaking attendance


The craziest ticket sold-out Club!

hightst attendace in wsl history all created by arsenal

In the 10th minute of the match, the dramatic own goal set the stage for this exciting game. McCabe delivered a corner kick into the edge of the six-yard box. Hindered by obstructed view, Ferreira inadvertently made contact with the ball, which then bounced through the legs of Le Tissier, standing behind her, with pinpoint accuracy. Arsenal took the lead 1-0 thanks to this fortuitous goal.


A few minutes later, Mead started a brilliant dribbling inside the penalty area and took a left-footed shot. If it weren't for Turner's brave header block, Mead could have extended Arsenal's lead.


In the 35th minute, Lacasse's lucky goal added another unexpected twist to this entertaining match. Zelem's clearance unfortunately found Lacasse's head, and she fortunately accepted this unexpected gift, giving Arsenal a 2-0 lead.


In the 42nd minute, Mead's breakthrough drew a foul from Evans, and then the referee immediately pointed her finger to the penalty. Little deceived Earps from the 12-yard spot, effortlessly slotting the ball into the bottom left corner.



Sixty minutes into the game, the sleepwalking Manchester United defenders continued their half-asleep performance. Mead first struck the right post with a right-footed shot, and minutes later, she effortlessly dribbled past the defenders, only to see the ball hit the same post once again on the right side. The sound of the posts being struck twice didn't wake up the Manchester girls, their inability to clear the ball created opportunities for Arsenal, but unfortunately, Mead couldn't find the net today.


In the final minute of the added time, Arsenal goalkeeper D'Angelo's misjudged gifted Manchester United an open net opportunity. Lucia Garcia effortlessly slotted the ball into the empty net.



3. Brighton VS Liverpool

This was a closely contested match, although Liverpool got several close scoring opportunities throughout the game, Brighton girls also posed threats with sharp counterattacks and long-range shots.

Brighton vs liverpool results and highlights

Liverpool's goal came from high pressing in the forward area. Sophie Baggaley's hasty long pass was intercepted by Ceri Holland, who took a couple of steps forward and scored. 


A controversial moment occurred in the 76th minute when Bonner brought down Brighton forward Terland from behind, but the referee did not award a penalty.


Before the end of the match, Liverpool's goal scorer and captain, Ceri Holland, was shown a red card and sent off by the referee for a harsh tackle in defense.


4. Tottenham Hotspur VS Aston Villa

This weekend, Tottenham didn't perform at their best. Following their draw against Liverpool in last round, they suffered a 1-2 defeat to Aston Villa. In this match, Adriana Leon's direct run gave Villa the lead, while Nobbs' astonishing volley helped Villa secure the victory.

villa beat hotspur-results-highlights wsl

5. Leicester City VS Bristol City

In this 7 goals thriller, Foxes girls continued their excellent attacking efficiency from last week's FA Cup. They scored 6 goals in the previous match and 5 goals in this one. It's worth noting that the Foxes also scored 5 goals and 4 goals in two matches in January. It seems that with reinforcements from the winter transfer window, their attacking prowess has been fully unleashed.

6. Everton VS West Ham

In this direct clash between the 9th and 10th teams in the league, Everton Women secured a 2-0 victory, which is their first league home win.

7. Standings

wsl standings after matchday 14

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