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Weekly WSL Highlights : Matchday 13

Hey, dear Hana friends, how was your weekend? In this exciting WSL match day 13, we witnessed some thrilling matchups. Today, we will review the highlights from these exhilarating encounters.

1. Liverpool vs Spurs

Celin Bizet Ildhusøy breaks the deadlock at 71 minute, Marie Höbinger's late equalizer saved the day.


Although Liverpool managed to salvage the defeat in the dying moments, we must say that the Tottenham ladies' performance was superior to their opponents. Especially the 20-year-old Grace Clinton in the Tottenham, young English midfielder created many scoring opportunities for the team with some lovely passes. Let's take a look at this exciting game.

In the 71st minute of the match, Tottenham's Thomas executed a beautiful lift along the wing, followed by a precise cross finding Celin Bizet inside the box. Bizet swiftly met the incoming ball with a delicate chip shot to score. By the way, it's worth noting that this goal originated from number 8 Grace Clinton's transitional pass in the midfield.


After scoring the first goal, the Tottenham ladies did not halt their attacks. This excellent opportunity again stemmed from Grace's brilliant non-stop passing. She found a forwarding teammate at the wing, but unfortunately, this impressive counterattack struck by the post.

wsl-highlights-of-hotspur-missing-chance-created by grace

A few minutes later, it was Grace again with her splendid dribbling in front of the box, she then delivered a highly imaginative through pass to the team's new recruit, Wang Shuang. The new-coming Chinese girl showcased impressive attacking prowess in the previous substitute debut, but this time she seemed nervous. Her shot was easily saved by Laws.


Liverpool's equalizer came from their relentless pressing in the forward area. In the 91st minute, Lawley intercepted the ball in the box and passed it to Höbinger. The Austrian midfielder calmly dribbled past the defenders before slotting the ball low into the net. 


2. West Ham vs Arsenal

West Ham Women's team clinch historic first WSL win over Arsenal. In this match, Arsenal firmly controlled the game with an impressive 66% possession and 20-4 shots surpassing the West Ham girls. However, West Ham's players managed to secure a narrow victory with one goal. Let's take a look at the highlights of this match.

westham historical win wsl game results and highlights

Shortly after the start of the match, the Gunners created chaos in the box with a corner kick. In the 20th minute, a West Ham player's header clearance struck a teammate's arm, but because it was an involuntary handball that couldn't be avoided, the referee did not sentenced a penalty. Subsequently, Russo's shot was tipped over the bar by the goalkeeper.


Just a few minutes later, Mead's brilliant solo was promptly cleared by Japanese midfielder Hayashi Honoka's fantastic tackle.


In the 37th minute, Midema embarked on another solo show, but her powerful shot was mercilessly blocked by the bar.


The resilient West Ham United, who had been defending in the first half, found an opportunity to equalize in the 50 minute. Once again, the superb pass from Hayashi Honoka, that helped create a penalty for her teammate. Asseyi calmly deceived the goalkeeper and scored the goal.

The resilient West Ham United, who had been defending diligently, found an opportunity to equalize in the second half of the match. Once again, it was the superb pass from number 19, Hayashi Honoka, that helped create a penalty chance for her teammate. Asseyi calmly deceived the goalkeeper and scored from the penalty spot.

Just 8 minutes later, West Ham United earned a free kick in the attacking third. Zinsberger's clear did not go far, and facing the incoming ball, Hammers' defender Cissoko struck a beautiful volley into the net. After the goal, they seemed to see the goddess of victory beckoning to them, so they celebrated wildly.


Before the end of the match, Gunners also had some opportunities. However, facing an empty net, a excellent assis from Laccase was kicked over by Russo.


3. Manchester City vs Leicester City

Manchester City Women secured a 2-0 victory over their opponents, marking their eighth consecutive win. The game's dynamics were far more disparate than the scoreline suggested. Manchester City's ladies dominated with a staggering 65% possession and 9 attempts on target, while their opponents only finished one off target shot in the 90 minutes.

In the 57th minute of the match, Shaw managed to score a goal, but it was disallowed as she was deemed offside during Aleixander's header pass.


Subsequently, Chloe Kelly 's brilliant pass helped Shaw gain an excellent opportunity, but her powerful shot was blocked by the bar. Coombs then attempted a follow-up shot, but the goalkeeper Lize Kop miraculously saved it.


The balance of the game was broken in the final ten minutes when Shaw made a brilliant breakthrough on the right flank, delivering a cross to the front of the goal. Hemp then scored a SPECTACULAR Scorpion kick, beating Kop in goal. This goal was full of imagination and showcased Hemp's incredible physical prowess and flexibility.


Just 5 minutes later, Chloe's perfectly arced corner kick from the left side found the back of the net, securing a goal in the dead corner. In the end, Manchester City clinched victory with these two beautiful goals.


4. Chelsea vs Everton

With Reiten scoring two penalty kicks and Cuthbert's spectacular out-side-of-feet volley, Chelsea defeated 10-person Everton, keeping the top spot in the standings with 3 Points.
chelsea women vs everton wsl game results and highlights

5. Aston Villa vs Bristol City

Bristol City started the day with only 5 points, and they have been in the relegation zone for a long time. In this game, they stages two comebacks to secure an exhilarating 2-2 draw against Aston Villa, earning a valuable point.

6. Manchester United vs Brighton 

Geyse and Nikita Parris' connection contributed two goals in each halves, helping Manchester United secure a 2-0 victory against their opponent, who still lacked a coach.

7. Standings 

After Matchday 13, Chelsea maintains their lead with a three-point advantage. However, Manchester City and Arsenal are closely chasing behind. The teams following closely in the bottom, including Foxes, Villa, Hammers, Everton, and Brighton, remain very closely gaps.
league standing of wsl after match day 13
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