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Who is Chloe Kelly? The Manchester City Shining Star

Chloe Kelly,a name that cannot be ignored when we talk about the Lionesses. Some say she is not only a crucial member of the Manchester City lineup but will also become a pillar of the entire English team in the future. However, We do believe the player with such talent and charisma has already become the brightest football star in the world.

1. The youngest child

Chloe Kelly, born November 3, 1997 in Lewisham, London, grew up in a large football-loving family and was the youngest of seven children. 

young chloe kelly's family


'From when i could walk, I always had a ball at my feet, I guess I gave myself no option but be a footballer.' -- Chloe Kelly

Such a family environment not only planted the love for football in young Chloe's heart but also nurtured her resilient and indomitable character. In a Sky Sports interview, Chloe recalled that her five older brothers didn't take care of her just because she was the youngest sister. Instead, when she fell down, they would urge her to get up quickly, or else she wouldn't be able to play with them. It was these childhood experiences that instilled in young Chloe a strong and determined heart.

Chloe's mother, Jane, remembers that Chloe used to compete with her brothers and their friends in the cages. In these battles, young Chloe's football talent began to shine through, and she was not inferior to the boys.

2. Starting from QPR

Born in Ealing, the west London girl mentioned in an interview after being named Manchester City's Player of the Month last October, that her childhood idol was QPR's Adel Taarabt, and she admired his street footballer-like skills. Chloe, at the age of 8, followed in her idol's footsteps to QPR's youth academy, where she became a key member of the team that remained undefeated for two consecutive years.

young Chloe Kelly in QPR youth academy training ground
Steve Quashie, the QPR women’s FC player, who worked with Kelly said: "She played in our Under-10 team in the Home Counties Cup and that team was full of some talented players. She is one that would just glide past opponents, had some lovely receiving skills and some good movement.", "But she also was tenacious and that comes from playing football with her brothers, she always wearing her headbands on she would sit talking about the club and rave about it, coming to as many games as she could."

3. Young Gunner

In the following years, Chloe joined the Arsenal youth teams, where she continued to show her exceptional talent and strong mentality. From the videos we found, it's evident that Chloe's experiences playing in the streets and cages with the boys since childhood have left a profound imprint on her football style.
chloe kelly showing her styles in her arsenal times

In 2015, at the age of 17, Kelly scored a beautiful goal in her debut match in the Women's Super League.

chloe kellys first goal in arsenal wsl debut

At this stage, although Chloe appears very young, she has already become an indispensable member of the Young Lionesses.

4. New Journey

Didn't get many opportunities in the Gunners' first team, Chloe moved to Everton at at the age of 20, 200 miles away from home. And in January of 2018, she made a permanent transfer to this Merseyside team.
"It was hard at first but I think the city's great and there's great people here. I think everyone's so friendly in Liverpool."

In her 45 appearances for Everton, she scored 16 goals, including that famous match where she scored two stunning worldies.

Such outstanding performances led Manchester City to sign her to a two-year contract in 2020. During these two years, she contributed 26 goals and 25 assists, even amidst the impact of an ACL injury, Manchester City extended her contract for three more years. It's during her years at Manchester City that she became a superstar.

5. Superstar

I'm sure you've seen this photo: Kelly's match-winning goal in the 2022 Euro cup final and her epic celebration made her the focus of attention across Europe and even worldwide. To be honest, it was after this moment that I noticed her as well. But it was only after reading the story of Kelly written by The Sun that I truly became her fan. In 2023, she showcased her talent to the world with an even more beautiful penalty kick.

the crazy celebration made chloe kelly famous

No matter how great her achievements on the field, Chloe remains the friendly, optimistic girl off the pitch. She enjoys spending time with her beloved dog, boyfriend, and family when she has no training. But beneath her smiling face lies a resilient heart that shines like gold. It's this brave heart that has helped her overcome the shadows of serious injuries and the challenges of leaving home to pursue her dreams, making her a superstar admired worldwide. We wish Chloe Kelly continued happiness and health in her future endeavors on the football field.

chloe kelly spend time with dog and family off the pitch
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