Football Is A Beautiful Lifestyle

Into the world of football with our meticulously tailored girls' football kits


Bloom on Green

Football is a skillful sport, and it should also be a way to express yourself. We spearheading our innovations in football wears and accessories, emphasizing design, manufacturing, packaging and everything to make you bloom on the green.

You don’t have to be anyone, just be a brave flower to show your love, attitude, style and passion.

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In Japanese, "Hana" means flower. Flowers can be elegant, as well as tenacious and full of vitality. We hope that the beautiful and powerful flowers on the football field do not have to wear poorly designed football jerseys.

Therefore, by adopting "Hana," we aspire to design simple, fashionable, and high-quality football kits for flowers around the world.


care about female athletes

she athletes

The brand founders, Chelsea and Rory, are both crazy football lovers. While studying at Goldsmiths in London, Chelsea frequently attended women's football matches featuring Millwall and Dulwich Hamlet FC. Influenced by the agile movements and thrilling coordination of the lionesses, she also joined a local football team. However, during training and matches, she found that the football jerseys, socks, and even gloves produced by traditional sportswear manufacturers were confined to a conventional aesthetic. Chelsea, with a background in art and fashion, was expected to create a dedicated brand for all female footballer. In this brand, she aimed to provide designs that complement the proportions of female athletes and carefully selected colourways.


our story


In the summer days 2023, Chelsea crossed paths with Rory, who was working as an assistant coach for local youth and women's football academy. Rory brought his experience and advice from the field, engaging in continuous discussions to refine design details. For instance, they explored how to tailor football socks to fit different shoe types adequately and enhance sole traction by improving the grip fabric on the socks. They also explored how to design gloves that offer perfect insulation without causing discomfort due to excessive sweating, ensuring optimal performance for the athletes

  • Original Design

    Hana's design team comprises members from UAL (University of the Arts London) and Goldsmith, with prior involvement in various projects at Nike, Puma, and LVMH. They bring mature design experience and have established connections in the supply chain.
    As football enthusiasts, we play football together after work, so all the hana football kits has also undergone real-game testing by team members.

  • Cost Control

    Hana adopts a limited SKU strategy, keeping the product range relatively small. This approach allows for the maximization of quality for each product and effectively reduces inventory costs. By not transferring these expenses to product prices, Hana can offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

  • Word Of Mouth

    Marketing expenses are minimized, with a focus on fabric testing and design improvement. Our aim is to build brand reputation through positive consumer feedback and word-of-mouth, allowing the quality of the products to speak for themselves in the market.