Ladies Sports Shorts guide: high or low is better

High-Waisted vs. Low-Waisted Ladies Sports Shorts

At first, I thought that high-waisted and low-waisted ladies sports shorts wouldn't have such a significant difference, much like high-waisted and low-waisted jeans. It wasn't until I tried them on that I realized these two types of shorts are indeed suited for different sports situations and each has its own unique advantages. Well, let's explore the difference between high-waisted and low-waisted ladies sports shorts.

1. High-Waisted Ladies Sports Shorts

    As the name suggests, high-waisted sports shorts have a waistband that sits closer to your lower abdomen or even at your navel. High-waisted sports shorts have surged in popularity, and for good reason. Here's why they might become your new best friend.

high waisted ladies sports shorts
  • Pros

Support and Compression:

High-waisted shorts often provide better support and compression for your midsection. This can help enhance your performance by giving you that extra "held-in" feeling, making them perfect for activities like running, yoga, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT). 

Stay Put Desgin:

Ever spent half your workout yanking your shorts back up? It’s can be torturous when you have to do that every time after you just simply pass or shoot. High-waisted shorts typically stay in place better than their low-waisted counterparts, reducing the need for constant readjustment.

Flattering Fit:

High-waisted shorts can be incredibly flattering, accentuating your waist and providing a smooth, sleek look. This can boost your confidence, and your sports look and style means a lot, isn’t it?

For Daily use:

These shorts can double as casual wear. Throw on a crop top or sports bra, and you're ready to hit the town after your workout.

pros of high waisted ladies sports shorts
  • Cons

It Can Be Constricting:

Some high-waisted ladies shorts might feel too tight around the midsection, especially if you're doing activities that involve a lot of bending or stretching. For example, when doing yoga or warming up for various exercises, the high waistband design can sometimes cause discomfort and restrict our range of motion in the joints.

Might Get Too Warm:
Some high-waisted shorts might be covered more of your midsection, which can be a bit too warm for hot-weather workouts.


2. Low-Waisted Ladies Sports Shorts

    Compared to high-waisted sports shorts, low-waisted sports shorts not only have a lower waistband design but also typically differ in the width of the legs, the length of the hem, and the overall looseness.

lower waisted ladies sports shorts


  • Pros

Freedom of Movement:

If a more fitted design is the concept behind high-waisted sports shorts, then low-waisted sports shorts have an absolute advantage in comfort and freedom. Low-waisted shorts provide more freedom around the waist and can be less restrictive, making them ideal for activities that require a lot of bending, stretching, or twisting. Many soccer shorts are designed with a low waist to provide players with better thigh flexibility and reduce the feeling of restriction.


With less fabric covering your midsection, low-waisted shorts can be cooler and more breathable, perfect for hot and humid workouts.


Many people find low-waisted shorts more comfortable, especially if they dislike the feeling of fabric hugging. And sometimes, I also wear sports shorts to bed. Their ample looseness and comfort help me save some time when getting up early for training the next day.

loose and comfortable low waisted ladies sports shorts
  • Cons 

Constant Readjustment:

Low-waisted shorts are more prone to slipping down, which can be annoying during intense workouts.

Less Support:

They don't offer the same level of support and compression as high-waisted shorts.

 3. Best Usage

  • Gym & Yoga 

Since gym strength training may include lower-body exercises like squats, and yoga requires the participation of all joints, the relatively flexible low-waisted sports shorts are more suitable.
  • Football

For sports like football that require flexibility, low-waisted sports shorts seem more suitable. However, if there are high-waisted sports shorts with minimal restriction, they might be worth a try.
  • Running 

Both are good.
  • Biking

For biking, high-waisted sports shorts are the better option. The forward-leaning position required for cycling can make low-waisted shorts uncomfortable and prone to slipping down. High-waisted shorts offer better coverage and stay securely in place, providing comfort throughout the ride.
  • Netball

Netball games involves a lot of jumping, quick changes in direction, and agility. High-waisted shorts provide better support and compression, ensuring that they stay in place during intense movements.

  • Hiking 
Low-waisted shorts provide more freedom around the waist and hips, allowing for comfortable strides and less restriction. And low-waisted shorts also tend to be cooler and more breathable, which is beneficial for long hikes in varying weather conditions. 
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