Fashion Trend: These Brands Sponsoring Women's Football

Fashion Trend: These Brands Sponsoring Women's Football

More and more fashion brands eager to align themselves with the energy, passion, and beauty that women's football brings. Today let's explore some famous brands sponsoring women's football, and how their sponsorships are shaping the future of women's football.

1. Why Brands Sponsoring Women's Football

    Nowadays, brands sponsoring women's football is more than just a marketing move—it's a statement that these brands are committed to supporting gender equality and empowering female athletes. 

    In the past decades, when people thought of women's football, it was often associated with low attendance, low participation, and low commercial value. But it changed in today's world, where the value of women is increasingly recognized, women's football has transformed into a highly popular sport with significant commercial appeal. The full house WSL games and quickly sell-out tickets are reminding us that the days of empty stadiums in women's football are long gone.This shift reflects changing societal attitudes and the growing emphasis on gender equality, as more people embrace and support women's sports, respecting our talent, skill and dedication.

the full house wsl games

    Thus, we can say that women's football is now a sport that draws large crowds and media attention, illustrating its remarkable rise in the sporting landscape. That's why countless famous brands sponsoring women's football.

2. Prada ✖️ Chinese women's football team

    Yes, let's start by introducing the collaboration between China's women's football team and Prada. Although the Chinese national team did not qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics, and they were not in the best time since winning the Asian Cup in 2022, we still want to highlight this nation with nearly 700 million women because here, women are valued and women's football is respected.

prada sponsoring chinese womens football team photo

    In this team, Tottenham Hotspur's Wang Shuang is the most influential player, with 1.58 million followers on China's social platform Weibo (Chinese Facebook). Her influence helps elevate the visibility of the sport and inspires a new generation of fotty girls in China.

wangshuang in prada china outfits

3. M&S ✖️ Lionesses

    Before the 2023 Women's World Cup, Marks & Spencer collaborated with the Lionesses, which generated significant attention and discussion. As a UK brand, Marks & Spencer cleverly chose the England women's team as their partner, a move that not only helped boost domestic sales but also highlighted the brand's commitment to women's fashion and women's empowerment. The partnership with the Lionesses underscores the brand's support for women in sports and fashion, reinforcing the message that women's football is both a source of pride and a powerful platform for brand alignment. 

4. The Fold ✖️ Manchester City

    The Fold is also a British women's fashion brand that sets itself apart from previously mentioned brands like Prada and Marks & Spencer by emphasizing patterns and intricate tailoring. As they said, "The Fold's mission is to empower women and champion ambition – in the boardroom and beyond." The outfits worn by Chloe Kelly and others showcase this clean and sleek design, highlighting she power. These well-crafted pieces bring out the confidence and strength of the wearers, resonating with The Fold's aim to support women in their professional and personal pursuits. 

the fold sponsoring manchester city women football team

5. Martine Rose ✖️ USA 

    Martine Rose also collaborated with the U.S. national women's football team during last year's World Cup. The unique and bold designs harmonized perfectly with players like Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe, underscoring the brand's avant-garde character. With their distinctive personal styles and influential presence, these players brought Martine Rose's striking aesthetic to life, reinforcing the brand's image as a trendsetter in fashion.

alex morgan sponsored by martine rose


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