Women's EURO 2025 Qualifier : Lionesses' Fixtures and Preview

Women's EURO 2025 Qualifier : Lionesses' Fixtures and Preview

    Over the past week, the journey of the UEFA Women's Euro 2025 qualifiers has commenced. In this qualification campaign, a total of 51 women's national teams will compete for 16 spots to advance. Today, we'll explain how Women's Euro 2025 qualifiers work, as well as the lionesses' fixtures and prospects in this qualification.

Women's EURO 2025 Qualifier

1. Groups and Tiers

    The grouping of teams in the Women’s Euro 2025 qualifiers is closely related to the recent results of the UEFA Women's Nations League. Based on the rankings from the women's Nations League, the 51 participating teams in this qualification campaign have been divided into three categories: League A, League B, and League C. 

rules and format of womens euro 2025 qualifiers

    The grouping status of the three leagues is as follows.

Group status of uefa 2025 womens euro qualifiers

2. Rules and Format

    This qualifying campaign will consist of a league group phase and a play offs.

    In League A, the top two teams from each group will directly advance to the 2025 UEFA Women's Euro, along with the host nation Switzerland (in League B).

    All 3rd and 4th-placed teams from League A will enter the playoffs, where they will compete against the top-ranked teams and the three highest-ranked runners-up from League C in the first round of playoffs. This will determine the eight winners who will advance further.

    In addition, the four group winners and the two best-performing group runners-up from League B will each face the remaining two group runners-up and all third-placed teams. A total of six teams will advance to the next round of playoffs.

   The 14 teams emerging from the first round of playoffs will be seeded based on their previous performances and drawn to face each other in the second round of playoffs. This will result in 7 qualifying spots.

   For your better understanding, we made the following chart.

rules and advancing format of uefa womens uero 2025 qualifiers

3. Lionesses' Fixtures 

    Apart from the first match, which ended in a draw against the Sweden two days ago, the lionesses have five more matches to play in the group stage of the 2025 Women's EURO qualifiers. Below are the specific group standings and Fixtures.

TUE 9, APR: ROI vs ENG, Aviva Stadium, 19:30 BST
FRI 31ST MAY: ENG vs FRA, St. James' Park, 20:00 BST
TUE 4TH JUN: FRA vs ENG, Stade Geoffroy-Guichard, 20:00 BST
FRI 12TH JUL: ENG vs ROI, Carrow Road, 20:00 BST
TUE 16TH JUL: ENG vs SWE, To be confirmed

Lionesses’ Fixtures in UEFA 2025 Women’s EURO Qualifiers

4. Preview 

    Apart from the French team, this group also includes powerhouse Sweden, so the Lionesses will face significant challenges in qualifying matches. In the first three matches, players will bear the pressure from the League and the UEFA Champions League, so it is certain that players will face significant challenges. The latter three matches will take place during the break and Olympic preparations, during which players will prepare with even more energy.

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