women footballers' valentines day

Women Footballer’s Valentine's Day 2024

Valentine's Day is about romantic love, are you curious about how your favorite women footballers spend their valentines day with their loved ones off pitch? Let’s explore how women footballers getting on valentines vibe.

Katrina Gorry

The West Ham United newly signed midfielder in this winter transfer window, had a warm Valentine's Day. What's admirabel is that she not only has a beautiful love story but also a very cute daughter👧

katrina gorry's valentine’s day with lover

Ella Toone

    Ella Toone extended the joy of last weekend's FA Cup advancement to Valentine's Day, as she and her footballer boyfriend Joe Bunney seemed to have had a memorable date.
    Ella and her footballer boy friend in valentines date


    To be honest, I feel more like a fan of her adorable English Cocker, Myle, than Mead now. Myle's Instagram already has 33k followers. I can't help but imagine how much happier my Valentine's Day would be if I had such a cute little dog.

    Mead had a family valentines days with dogs and wife

    Sam Kerr

    Sam Kerr, who is currently nursing an injury, maintains her usual optimism and positive attitude. We believe her smile will give her more strength and help her overcome the ACL injury.

    injured sam kerr having valentines day dinner with lover

    Chloe Kelly

    For Manchester City's Chloe Kelly, scoring a beautiful corner kick seems much easier than flipping pancakes, haha. But as we've mentioned before, her off-field life is still very happy.

    chloe kelly trying to make pancake in her valentiens day

    Kelly and her boyfriend had a happy and warm valentines day


    On Valentine's Day, Bayern Frauen extended their wishes for all lovers to live happily. The warm wishes brought them good luck, as they soon announced the signing of Obi.

    fcb frauen's wishes for all lovers in valentines day
    Bayren signed Obi after the valentines day

    Kailen Shridan

    This Canadian goalkeeper is about to embark on a new journey with San Diego Wave this spring. We hope her blissful marriage will bring her good luck in the new season.
    Sheridan celebrating with her wife in valentines day by posting wedding pictures

    Good news

    The Mayor of London announced that, in honor of the outstanding performance of the England women's football team, as well as the significant inspiration for female participation in sports, the overground lines from Warford junction to Euston will be renamed the Lioness Line.
    London naming overground lines to honoring women footballers in valentines day
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