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Offpitch: Injuries can’t stop Sam Kerr

Fight the injuries with kerr

Sam Kerr, the renowned Australian women's footballer, has a compelling life story marked by determination, resilience, and extraordinary talent. Unfortunately, the Chelsea striker just encountered the worst ACL injury in the start of 2024, yet after knowing the story, you will see why we insist that injuries can’t stop her.


1. Roots of dream

Born on September 10, 1993, in East Fremantle, Western Australia, Samantha May Kerr was introduced to football at a young age. Growing up in a family passionate about the sport, she quickly developed a love for the game. Her father, Roger Kerr, is a professional rules football player, her grandfather was a featherweight boxer, her mother is a basketball player, and both her maternal grandfather and uncle are professional players in the Western Australia Rugby League. Growing up in such a family environment, young Kerr has been surrounded by sports almost since she could remember. The dream of becoming a professional athlete seemed to take root in her heart during this time.

sam kerr and her elite athletes family in young age
Sam Kerr with her athletes family in young age

2. Long way from family.

Entering professional competition early is a dream for many, but for young Kerr, it sometimes meant leaving home, family, and friends behind.  Kerr's football odyssey commenced as a junior at Western Knights in Mosman Park, unveiling her extraordinary talent to the world at the tender age of 12. Three years later, Kerr made her debut for Perth Glory in the 2009 W-League season

young sam kerr played for perth glory at the age of 15
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Sam Kerr's mom recalls the challenges of constantly traveling. "Sam began her journey with the Australian national team at 15 and later moved to New York in her late teens (2013)". The family was separated by distance, time zones, and a vast expanse of ocean and land. She told The athletic “Parents used to say to me, ‘How do you do it? I cry when my son goes on school camps and your daughter’s going halfway across the world?’ I’m like, ‘Just something you do’. I worry but I’m never going to stop them living their dreams. Sam doesn’t worry much about anything but she reckons I start crying before we’re 20 minutes out from the airport. Every time she dropped me in America, she’d say, ‘Bring the tissues because Mum will be crying the whole way there’. But she doesn’t.”
young sam and her family separated

3. Injury struck for the first time.

During her time with the Flash, Kerr emerged as one of the league's leading goal-scorers and earned widespread acclaim for her electrifying performances on the field, and her career c ontinued to ascend when she joined the Chicago Red Stars, further establishing herself as a dominant force in women's football.

In 2015, however, she was struck by a severe injury, nearly ending her career and jeopardizing her opportunity to participate in the Olympics -- a Lisfranc fracture causes the metatarsal bones to dislodge, leading to the foot falling apart.

Kerr said  "I didn't understand how much football was a part of my life," she says. "I guess I took it for granted – and all the opportunities it's given me."  

After eight months recovery, her Olympic dream still seemed unpromising. Her mother Roxanne drove her to the local park and video her running so the Australian Olympic committee could see how she was, but they could just tell that there was no way she was going to get there. "I was in a pretty dark place mentally, and Mum was getting ready to bring me home". However, miraculously, one week later, her foot unexpectedly recovered." one week I couldn’t run, and the next it was great. It was like someone touched me." She regained her fitness in time to secure a spot in the final 18-player Matildas squad for the Rio Olympics. 

 4. The girl we used to know

"That feeling of being home again, nothing beats it," she says. "Especially a family like mine. At any one time, there's eight, nine, 10 people here. You're never alone. I love it."


Seonaid Rodgers, her best friend, expressed her astonishment at her fame in Sydney. She had no idea how sought after and adored she was by the media. 

"This transformation into a really successful athlete has been weird for us [her girlfriends] because she has been the same person throughout our friendship. She comes home every summer and when we see her again, absolutely nothing has changed. She just fits right back in with us girls and doesn't tell us about her success at soccer, all the awards she's won and interviews she's done."

Until now, Sam still returns home during the holidays to spend time with family and friends. Oh, and her boxer Billy, of course – her constant companion. She enjoys chatting, watching TV, and catching up with the girls at home. For her, becoming a world champion hasn't changed a thing. Rodgers says, "Her family and her dog are very, very important. And she has always been that way." 

sam kerr and her dog went through a lot of difficulties together

5. New challenges, New difficulties.

In 2019, Kerr made headlines with a groundbreaking transfer to Chelsea FC Women in the English Women's Super League (WSL), marking a pivotal moment in her career. She scored 86 goals in all 110 appearances in blue, helping Chelsea to win unprecedentedly four consecutive WSL championships and lifted the UEFA champion cup in 2021.
kerr helped chelsea win titles despite of constant injuries
Because of her calf injuries, Kerr missed the opening match against Ireland in the 2023 World Cup. However, she proved to be a true warrior, recovering in time for the team's round 16 clash and ultimately helping the Matildas to get the bronze medal. However, Her sudden return to the field didn't mean her calf injury had fully healed; it wasn't until October 2023 that she made her comeback in the league.
injured sam kerr supported her teammates from the bench in the 2023 world cup
In January 2024, Sam suffered the worst injury we've mentioned before, an ACL tear. Nevertheless, looking back at her story, we know that this extraordinarily talented women footballer, who has battled loneliness, injuries, and difficulties since childhood, will maintain her positivity and optimism fighting against the ACL injury. After a brief farewell to the field, she will rise again from the ashes.
Samantha Kerr shares upbeat social media post from hospital bed after undergoing ACL surgery
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