football stars use grip socks for football to improve performance

Why Stars Wear Grip Socks For Football?

As more and more players ditch the traditional long and tight football socks in favor of modern grip socks for football, you might wonder why these socks are chose by the stars. So, what are the advantages of grip socks for football?

1. Who Wears Grip Socks for Football?

    Grip socks for football are worn by a wide range of football players, from amateur to Pro. 

    According to statistics, over 72% of WSL players choose to wear grip socks instead of opting for the long socks provided by equipment suppliers. In order to harness the friction provided by grip socks for football and comply with FA equipment regulations, most players opt for a combination of grip socks and football sock sleeves.

    The popularity of grip socks for football among Lionesses squad is evident from just one match photo this week.

How many england national team stars wear grip socks for football


 2. Why Grip Socks Better?

    Comfort, anti-slip capabilities, moisture-wicking properties, and more are all advantages of grip socks for football. However, for football players, these are not the primary reasons for choosing them. In fact, the most significant advantage is that grip socks for football can reduce the likelihood of injuries

    Indeed, traditional football socks are often made with a significant amount of synthetic fibers to enhance durability. However, these synthetic fibers can cause the socks to be overly tight, leading to discomfort and restricted circulation, causing causing a buildup of  lactic acid  in the calf muscles. This not only makes players uncomfortable during matches but also increases the risk of  calf muscle tears .

    This is why we often see football players, particularly those with muscular calves, cutting holes in their socks to relieve pressure and improve comfort. 

pro footballer wearing grip socks and football sock sleeves to prevent injuries

3. Traction Matters

    Apart from injury prevention, the additional friction provided by grip socks for football is a key reason for their popularity among players in recent years. Have you ever wondered why superstar players can dribble, feint, and avoid falling in tight spaces? 

traction by grip socks football prevent falling

    Apart from having strong ankles and core muscles, being able to stand better on the grass is also a crucial factor. Allowing players to better adhere to their football boots while moving and to stand more firmly on the pitch is the most apparent function of grip socks.

hana strong anti slip particles for womens grip football socks

4. Comfortable and Sweat Control

    Made from breathable, moisture-wicking materials, these socks keep the feet cool and dry throughout the match, reducing discomfort. Especially during a 90-minute match, if socks fail to provide breathability and moisture-wicking properties, players' feet can become sweaty and hot, causing discomfort after the game. Stars who don't want to be bothered by these factors opt for the more comfortable grip socks for football.

how grip socks for football help sweating control

5. Conclusion

    In conclusion, football stars choosing to wear grip socks for football is rooted in their quest for improved performance, comfort, and style on the field. With reduced risk of injury, enhanced traction, and comfortable features, these specialized socks have become a staple in the kits of many top players. If you're interested in learning how to choose women's socks suitable for football or various sports, you can refer to our previous guide.

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