First Leg of Women's Champions League Semi Final 2024

First Leg of Women's Champions League Semi Final 2024

Last night, the first leg of Women's Champions League semi-finals 2024 has concluded. Today, we'll bring you the highlights from these two thrilling matches and information of the second leg.

2024 UEFA Women's Champions League

1. PSG vs Lyon

    The exciting French derby yielded an unexpected result, with Paris Saint-Germain's women initially seizing the lead by scoring two goals. However, Lyon turned the tide in the final ten minutes of the match, scoring three goals to complete a remarkable comeback. Overall, it was an absolutely thrilling encounter.

first leg of 2024 womens champions league psg vs lyon results

    Shortly after the match began, PSG launched an early offensive, aiming to seize control and gain an advantage on the field.

first leg of 2024 womens champions league psg vs lyon results

    However, Lyon later wasted some golden opportunity to take the lead.

    France's striking ace Katoto isn't one to let any opportunity slip by. She scored twice for PSG, first with a powerful side volley at the end of the first half and then with an offside-breaking goal at the beginning of the second half, helping PSG gain a two-goal lead.

katoto-scored-2-beautiful-goals-in 2024-womens champions league semi final

    As Lyon eager to strike back, they left plenty of counter-attacking opportunities for PSG. In fact, the Parisian women had the chance to put the game away in the 70th minute, but Lyon's goalkeeper saved the day. Lyon's attacking players didn't waste the goalkeeper's effort, and a few minutes later, Diani seized the opportunity to pull one back, bringing the score to 1-2.

psg-missed-the-finish-chance-and-lyon-get-one-back- in 2024-womens champions league semi final

    Just four minutes later, the home team used a free kick in the attacking third to create chaos in the box. Dumornay received the ball, calmly maneuvered past a defender, and scored a powerful equalizer. At this point, Lyon had the momentum and could sense the opportunity to win.


    One minute later, Lyon taking advantage of a throw-in opportunity and completed an epic comeback, and they held onto the 3-2 lead until the final whistle. What can be anticipated is that the next match will be full of suspense, with both teams putting in their best efforts in what promises to be an exciting contest.


2. Barcelona vs Chelsea

    The other semi-final also featured a highly anticipated clash between two powerhouse teams. The top team in the WSL, Chelsea, traveled to face the reigning champions, FC Barcelona Femení. Before this match, Barcelona had not lost a home game in five years. Considering the dominant performance of the Spanish women's national team in the UEFA Women's Nations League Final last month, this match presented a significant challenge for Chelsea. However, to everyone's surprise, Chelsea emerged victorious.

Chelsea win one goal at the first leg of 2024 UEFA womens champions league semi final

    In the first half, both teams adopted a cautious approach, with possession mostly shifting in midfield. It wasn't until the 40th minute that Chelsea launched an attack from the left wing. After receiving the ball in the penalty area, Nüsken showed her skilful moves and passed the ball to Erin Cuthbert, who unleashed a powerful shot into the net.


    In the second half, Barcelona was awarded a penalty, but after VAR intervention, the decision was overturned due to offside. Ultimately, Chelsea concluded the match with a one-goal lead, securing a significant victory.

var checked the penalty in chelsea womens champions league semi final

    According to reports, Chelsea's head coach Emma Hayes is likely to be replaced next season by Lyon's current head coach Sonia Bompastor. This makes the next leg potentially one of the last few matches Emma Hayes leads Chelsea. Her loyal players are expected to give their all to maintain their lead on home turf. On the other hand, the Barcelona players are not going to give up this match easily; they will gather their strength and attempt to turn the tables. This sets the stage for a thrilling second leg, and it's definitely something to look forward to.


3. Second Leg Fixture

    The second leg of the semi-finals:

  • Chelsea vs Barcelona, Sat April 27, 17:00 (UK)
  • PSG vs Lyon, Sun April 28, 15:00 (UK)

    We will  follow the second leg of the semi-finals, providing updates on scores, highlights, and more. Stay tuned with hana

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