What Do Footballers Carry in their Bags, and How to Pack Your Bag Like them

What Do Footballers Carry in their Bags? How to Pack Your Bag Like them?

From training sessions to match days, a footballer's bag is not just a fashion statement; it's a carefully selected collection of essentials tailored to their needs. In this guide, we'll explore what footballers typically carry in their bags and how you can pack yours like a pro.


1. Footballers' Small Bags

You must have seen in many live-streams and media reports that, before and after the game, football stars only carry a small bag when entering or leaving the stadium. But do you know what they carry in their small bags?

women and man football star carrying small hand bag

Normally, professional players' jerseys, football socks, football boots, captain's armbands, and other on-field equipment are prepared in the changing room, and equipment staffs would provide needed items like slippers and towels. Thus, players only need to bring some personal items into the changing room. In fact, these small bags can contain many things that players may need before and after the game. For instance, they might include underwear for before and after the match, soap and shampoo for showering after the game, as well as moisturizers.

body care and personal stuff in pro's football bag

2. What about large Football Bag?

In most cases, football players prefer to carry football backpacks or larger bags. This allows them to bring more items they may need, such as a change of clothes for after the game, a pair of casual shoes, a laptop, or items like a thermos bottles, which many South American players keep at hand for Yerba Mate. Additionally, they may carry boots for different field conditions and more personal belongings. 

players now prefer football backpack or large football bag

3. How to Pack your Football Bag Like a Pro?

1. Things you need to Pack

Prepare before each training session and game by checking at the night before or half an hour before you leave. If you're playing in the winter, don't forget to bring warm clothing, long football pants, and, of course, your cleats and shin guards, along with your football socks. Now that you've sorted out what you need, it's time to pack them into your bag.

what you should bring in your football bag to pack like a pro

2. Pack it like a pro 

Don't just cram your clothes into your bag haphazardly, as it will take up too much space, leaving you feeling like you've bought a large football bag for no reason. Therefore, the first step is to cleverly roll up your clothes.

simple ways to make wrap your football kits to pack in football bag like a pro

3. Pack your Boots

Make sure you have a football bag with compartments for dry and wet items. This ensures your shoes won't mix with your personal clothing, especially after games or training sessions, when putting the muddy shoes and clothes together would be a nightmare, right?

4. Don't Forget Water 

Prepare your water bottle, filled with the water you'll need for the 90-minute-fight. Your football bag should at least have enough room for it.

5. Kick off!

All set.Let’s go kick off the barriers!

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