Appropriate women's football boots for various turfs

How to select the appropriate women's football boots for various turfs?

Having the right pair of football boots is crucial for your performance, comfort, and injury prevention on the pitch. In this guide, we'll explore how to choose the perfect women’s football boots for different turf conditions.

1. How can I remember so many turfs types? 

In daily life, you'll basically see just two types of turfs: Natural Grass and Artificial turf. Natural grass fields are literally consist of genuine earth and grass, typically located in professional stadiums and well-maintained training grounds, but there are various types of artificial turfs. If you Google it, you'd come across a lot of classifications for artificial turf, ranging from different materials, lengths, and even softness. However, it's not really necessary to remember all of these. Just remember, choosing TF boots for short bladed turfs (astro turf), AG for long bladed turfs, FG for firm artificial grass, SG for the soft natural grass, and IG boots for flat surfaces. Still too complicated? well, try this: TF short, AG long, FG for firm, while SG is soft, and IN means indoor. 

Different football boots for various turf situations

2. What is 3G and 4G?

3G and 4G represents  Third Generation and Fourth Generation artificial turfs. 3G turfs are made of rubber crumb and synthetic grass, while 4G only made up from synthetic turf. Make it even clearer, 3G refers to those fields you finish playing and take off your shoes at home, you can shake out a pile of black plastic rubber.

However, the Good news is that you don’t t have to care about 3G, 4G, 5G or 10000G, just simply pay attention to the length of the grass and the softness or hardness of the field. 

3G artificial turfs with long blade grass in the football boots selection

3. Why we need different boots?

In simple words, wearing studs that are too long on short turf can cause you to twist your ankle and increase knee pressure when pacing, turning or dribbling. Similarly, wearing studs that are too short can make you prone to slipping on long-blade turf or soft natural grass when playing football. ( More tips about avoiding injuries)

4. TF women's football boots


    PREDATOR TG women’s football boots

    Pros:  The  3D texture and grippy fins in medial side is cutting-edge edge, the Hybrid-feel upper is optimized for accurate shooting.

    Cons: The harder heel design may cause abrasion on the wearer's heel during the first few wears, a pair of heel-thickened football socks may help.

    Price: £80

    Mercurial Vapor Academy Astro Turf Trainers

        Nike tf womens football shoes for short blade surfaces

        Pros: These Astro Turf boots made of non-marking rubber outsole with moulded studs, ensuring stable traction and agile movement for speedy lionesses. Additionally, these shoes are great for flat indoor surfaces.

        Cons: The narrow footbed is not suitable for wide feet players.

        Price:  £80

        5. FG/AG women’s football 

        Puma FUTURE 7 ULTIMATE FG/AG Women's Football Boots
            the puma women football boots tested by hana football

              Pros: As we tried and tested before, these beautiful boots have a stretchy knit, and  technical double mesh, supporting your free movement on the pitch.

              Cons: The ultra light and thin design also implies that the football boots provide insufficient protection for the feet.

              Price: £210

              Adidas Copa Pure.2 Firm Ground Football Boots

                Copa  Firm Ground women’s Football Boots tested by hana football

                Pros: We bought and testedthese shoes a month ago. If the Puma Future 7 feels like feathers wrapped around your feet, then these Copas feel like a comfortable bundle of cotton. The leather material offers perfect protection for feet.

                Cons: For firm surfaces, the studs are somewhat too rigid, causing the wearer to feel the impact of the hard studs colliding with the ground. They are more suitable for fields with longer, softer turfs.

                Price: £78 

                6. SG women’s football boots

                New Balance Furon Dispatch V7+ Soft Ground Football Boots
                  New Balance Soft Ground women's Football Boots

                  Pros: These boots deliver a close-to-the-ball feeling that ensures clean strikes.

                  Cons: Actually, the lightweight TPU outsole design makes me feel strange in the first couples of use, but the discomfort disappears very soon.

                  Price: £140


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