How to become a woman footballer if I play for a school team?

How to become a woman footballer if I play for a school team?

Playing for a school football team can be the first step towards a career as a professional female footballer. I've experienced the same doubts as you: Can I become a professional footballer in the future? Will I be able to play in the WSL? Can I make a living from football? Today, I will combine my personal experiences and feelings to tell you about the journey from school football team to professional athlete.

1. Creating Opportunities on and off the pitch

As mentioned in our previous guide, the fastest way to become a pro is to gain ample playing opportunities, improving your skills and football IQ through matches. This requires us to actively seek opportunities both on and off the field. Have you ever experienced extreme fatigue on the field after multiple transitions between attack and defense,  and feeling oxygen-deprived, mentally blank, with decreased movement frequency? In fact, these moments are when we can find opportunities. Because when you feel tired, your opponents are also in a state of high fatigue, which means they may leave space for you to attack. So, the next time you feel exhausted on the field, try to grit your teeth, observe the condition of your opponents, and strive to create opportunities in such moments.

guides from school football to professional in creating opportunities

In addition to persevering on the field, we should also have this proactive attitude off the field. Speaking from my own experience, when I was ten years old, I noticed many teammates who used to play worse than me rapidly improving. After inquiring, I found out that besides attending weekend academy training, they also participated in after-school football camps, which gave them more playing opportunities. Moreover, in the later years of youth team, there was a girl who had always been on the sidelines suddenly making remarkable progress at one point. Later, her friends told us that on non-training days, she would go to the gym or seek private football coaching to improve. What I want to say is, if you really love this sport, then you should try every possible way to find more opportunities, whether on or off the field.

2.  Stay Committed to physical fitness

Maintaining physical fitness is crucial for aspiring female footballers, but fitness training means more than cardio, strength, or flexibility exercises, it also includes sleeping and nutrition. My advice is, if you're between the ages of 9-13, in addition to your weekly training and matches, you can go to the gym once or twice a week. In the gym, you can do some core and upper body training because excessive lower body training at this stage may risk affecting your height. If you're over 13 years old, you can add an extra day of lower body training on days with less training. Proper strength training will not affect your physique or make you bulky. Instead, it will ensure that your passing and shooting remain stable even during the latter stages of a match when your stamina declines rapidly, because core and upper body muscles will prevent your passes from being distorted or making mistakes and will enable you to control the ball better when opponents challenging. Meanwhile, lower body strength will help you shoot and make long passes more quickly. 

Core Training: Planks, Four point kneeling, bicycle crunch
core muscles training for school football girls to become professional

Upper Body Training: Push up, Dumbbell bend over row, Tricep dips

upper body training for girls become football star

 Lower Body Training: Goblet squat, Dumbbell walking lunges, Glute bridges

lower body training to become professional women footballer

3.  Education and Training Balance

You may have recently seen this news: Barcelona's 16-year-old superstar, Lamine Yamal, almost missed the Copa del ray quarter semi final due to school exams this season. It was the club acting as his guardians and helped him apply for a postponement of the exams. This proves that even overnight sensations on the field maintain a normal life off the pitch. They date, attend classes, and need to rack their brains for exams. What I want to say is, treat football as part of your life, but don't let it consume you entirely because you have beautiful things like family and friends in your life. Just like Sam Kerr, when she was in Australia, she would go to school and attend school dances when she doesn’t have training. Furthermore, we've mentioned many times that to become a better footballer, you must improve your football IQ. Learning can helps us develop analytical thinking skills, Applying this ability to tactical thinking on the field will significantly improve your performance.
best advice for school football girl to professional athlete is keep studying

4. Guidance from everywhere

From the moment you step onto the football field, it means you need to collaborate with teammates, coaches, trainers, and team doctors from different family backgrounds, personalities, and habits. And building good relationships with them can bring you instructive guidance and support throughout your journey. 
Therefore, you need to mobilize all available resources that can help you. Build relationships with those around you as much as possible and actively seek advice from them. Some advice may be hard to accept, but these words that may sadden you actually help you identify weaknesses you haven't discovered yet. For example, I used to forget look back and observe before receiving the ball, which often led to possession lost in the middle field. My teammates pointed out this issue and helped me improve it. So, if you want to transform from a school team football girl into a professional female football athlete, even a superstar in the WSL, you need to have a more positive and open mindset and seek help from everyone.

5. Summary

These advice comes from my over a decade of experience in football. I share these insights in hopes of helping more girls who, like me, have football dreams. If you have any further questions or better suggestions, please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.
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