The WSL Champions ? Matchday 19 WSL Highlights, Results and Standings

The WSL Champions ? Matchday 19 WSL Highlights, Results and Standings

With just three rounds to go, the race for the WSL champions is getting more exciting. Which team is most likely to become the 2023-24 WSL champion? What thrilling matches and results did Matchday 19 bring, and the standings? Let's dive into today's WSL highlights.

1. Chelsea vs Aston Villa

    Since Chelsea has a UEFA Women's Champions League semi-final match on the weekend, they finished their late 18th game last Wednesday. In this match, Japanese forward Maika Hamano scored her first WSL goal, and Chelsea with star players rotated showed absolute dominance throughout the game, ultimately defeating Aston Villa with a convincing 3-0 win.

Chelsea win in the wsl champions competitions wsl highlights

2. Brighton vs Everton

    Despite taking the lead in the 63 minute, Brighton couldn't maintain their advantage until the final whistle. Instead, within just ten minutes of scoring, they were equalised by Everton, and ultimately conceding an own goal that handed the 3 points to their opposite.

3. Bristol City vs Liverpool

    Although Bristol City Women is set to be relegated this season, Liverpool Women didn't display a clear advantage on the field. In fact, the-90-minute statistics showed that both teams had a similar number of attempts and on-target shots, and there wasn't a significant difference in ball possession. However, it was a volley shots from outside the box by Marie Höbinger in the 13th minute helped Liverpool secured the three points. 

4. Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur

    This match was seen as a preview of the upcoming FA Cup final. French forward Melvine Malard opened the scoring with an early header in the 13th minute. However, Tottenham turned the game around with goals from Beth England and Jessica Naz, taking the lead. Just when it seemed like Hotspur women were about to secure the victory, Maya Le Tissier scored a last-minute-equaliser. This thrilling game certainly raises our expectations for the upcoming FA Cup final.


manunited and chelsea in the wsl matchday 19 wsl champions

5. Arsenal vs Leicester City

    In this match, Beth Mead and Alessia Russo continued their fine form from the Lionesses' Women's Euro 2025 qualifiers, scoring two goals and one goal, respectively. With a full 3 points from this game, Arsenal is now only 6 points behind the leaders Manchester City, and 3 points behind Chelsea, who have played one game less. With three rounds remaining, the race for the WSL championship is still full of suspense, and it's uncertain who will claim the title. However, they have already secured a spot in the Women's Champions League for next season.


6. Manchester City vs West Ham United

    Bunny Shaw scored two goals in this match, with the Jamaican super striker now leading the Top Scores with 21 goals, a substantial lead of 8 goals over the second-placed Lauren James. Additionally, Jess Park added the fifth goal for Manchester City in the closing stages of the match. With this victory, Manchester City holds a 3-point lead at the top of the table.


7. Standings

    After Matchday 19, except for Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, who have played 18 matches, all other teams have completed 19 matches.

wsl standings after matchday 19 waiting for wsl champions
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