Newcastle United Women's Team Poised for Victory in The FA Women's National League

Newcastle United Women's Team Poised for Victory in The FA Women's National League

    For those following this year's FA National League, it's evident that Newcastle United Women showed their dominating power in the league. Now, they are the strongest contenders for the champion title, and their prospects for promotion to the WSL next season seem almost assured. Today, we'll uncover the secrets behind this team's rapid progress in recent years and stories in their history.

1. Unstoppable 2023-24

    In the current season, up to March 31st, Newcastle's ladies have achieved an outstanding record of 17 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss in 19 matches. Their winning percentage stands at an impressive 89%. What's even more noteworthy is their remarkable performance in both offense and defense, far surpassing all opponents in the league, with an astonishing goal difference of 54.

newcastle united leading the fa national league standing

    Bridget Galloway emerges as the most reliable striker for Newcastle this season. In her 28 appearances for Newcastle across all competitions, she has already netted 17 goals. Alongside her, Gibson Georgia, Barker Katie, and Mcquade Jasmine have also contributed significantly, scoring 13, 12, and 11 goals respectively. It can be said that under the excellent guidance of manager Becky Langley, Newcastle girls has showed a convincing dominance.


becky-langley-is the manager of the young newcastle women fc in fa national league

    In addition to leading the FA National League, they also reached the final of the League Cup. Unfortunately, in the final match, they suffered a heartbreaking defeat to Hashtag United by just one goal. 


2. How They Rise

    Established in 1989, Newcastle United Women FC spent many years navigating the lower tiers of the women's football pyramid. It wasn't until the 2022-23 season that they finally achieved promotion to Tier 3 of The FA Women's National League by winning the FA Women's National League Division One North championship. This marked a significant milestone in the club's history, reflecting years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

newcastle-united-women won champions many years ago

    Since 2023, Newcastle United Women FC has been very active in the transfer market. They first signed players like Cara Milne-Redhead and Charlyann Pizzarello, and then in the winter transfer window of 2024, they secured the signings of Bailey-Gayle and Lia Cataldo. These players have all played crucial roles in this season's matches. In addition to these marquee signings, the club, bolstered by new investment, announced plans to improve the conditions and training equipment for the women's team and designate Kingston Park stadium as their home ground. 

better training facilities for newcastle womens team

3. Visions and Goals

    With the players' relentless efforts and the increased support from the club, promotion seems almost inevitable. Head coach Becky Langley, who has been instrumental in guiding the team from lower-tier leagues, holds even greater aspirations for the team's future. She hopes to one day lead the team to the WSL and even achieve success in the UEFA Women's Champions League. 

becky-langley-goals and vision for newcastle womens in fa womens national league
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