Women's Football Fashion News 2023:A Quarter Review

Women's Football Fashion News 2023:A Quarter Review

 In the past year of 2023, the fashion industry has increasingly drawn inspiration from football gear in its designs. Women's football fashion stands out as the most captivating aspect of this trend, showcasing a fusion of the thrilling essence of football and the aesthetics of football fashion.

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  • Louis Tomlinson's 28
  • Umbro & Carnival
  • Real Valladolid & Kappa
  • Puma
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Louis Tomlinson's 28

They unveiled a brand-new collection in early December. Several designs featuring female football models embody the brand's philosophy of love for the beauty of football. These designs are not just adding football elements to finished hoodies; they present a strong sports style in their silhouettes. The loose-fitting hoodie designs, paired with deep green hues, evoke a nostalgic 90s football vibe while colliding with a contemporary street aesthetic of the 21st century. The standout piece in this series is the green pullover hoodie, where female football players exude confidence and a chill vibe, aligning perfectly with the brand's style.

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As a generation that grew up watching the England team wearing Umbro jerseys, the unique style conveyed by this brand has remained unchanged for decades. In late November, Umbro and Carnival collaborated on a design release. You know what, these classic Umbro silhouettes are fused with vibrant new color schemes. Particularly striking is the blue and black striped jersey worn by the female model, perfect for female football players, exuding a sense of confidence in controlling the game while reflecting football tradition.

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Valladolid, performing reasonably well in the Segunda División this season, may have a chance to return to La Liga next season, being controlled by Ronaldo. Before Christmas, they launched a collaboration with Kappa, featuring a collection of long-sleeved jerseys. This jersey is a classic replica released in memory of Valladolid's League Cup victory in 1984. The lavender-colored long-sleeved jersey is an ideal choice for female football enthusiasts in their daily lives. The model's outfit to pair the upper jersey with the lower one and high heels is way too elegant.

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Besides, the Africa Cup of Nations is around the corner, and several fanwear designs by Puma are worth noting. These hoodies and jackets boast dynamic lines and vibrant grass-green colors symbolizing the energy of football. They emphasize both powerful sports functionality and effortlessly showcase the carefree style of African fashion. Football girls who appreciate this color scheme can consider getting one at the right moment, wearing them out during the summer because the green is really shining.

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