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Is Wearing Sports Head Band Cause Hair Loss Real? Is It Good For Health?

Wearing a sports head band has long been a common choice among athletes. It helps you keep sweat out of your eyes, and keep you away from the distraction caused by loose hair. However, there are concerns about whether wearing a head band can lead to hair loss or other health issue. You can find the answer in this blog.



1. Can Sports Head Band Cause Hair Loss?

    In most cases, sports headbands only help secure your hair by applying pressure and do not cause your hair loss or lead to severe consequences like bald spots. Otherwise, many professional athletes wouldn't be using headbands.

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2. Can Head Band Cause Skin Allergic Reaction? Or Any Health Related Issue?

    Head bands will not cause allergic reactions or any health issues for your skin or scalp as long as they are made of clean and safe materials. When it comes to headband materials, quality-assured synthetic fibers like nylon and rubber bands are absolutely safe for the skin and hair, just like our socks and clothes. However, if the headbands are made from unclean synthetic fibers, it can not only cause allergies but also lead to severe reactions such as dizziness and nausea. 

clean and quality synthetic fibers are good for health in head band

3. How to Select Good Sports Head Bands

  • Headband Type    

    When choosing the right headband, the very first thing is to find the proper type that suits you. If you're unsure which type of headband is suitable for your sport, hairstyle, and face shape, you can refer to our previous guide.

Select Healthy Head Band for women footballers
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  • Material 

     Best headbands should be made from breathable, clean and eco-friendly materials. Therefore, when making a purchase, it's important to pay attention to the materials used by the sellers and to evaluate their pricing, as good quality materials are unlikely to be priced too low. After all, isn't health the most important thing?

check materials before buying head bands for safety and health
  • Moisture-wicking 

    Moisture-wicking materials such as cotton, nylon, or polyester. These materials help keep sweat away from your skin and prevent irritation. A good headband should be one that, after the match, you take off soaked in sweat, but during the game, you don't even feel it. 

moisture wicking in headbands manufacture
  • Comfort and Stability

     Avoid headbands made from rough or scratchy materials that definitely cause discomfort, you can check reviews from other customers to gauge the quality and comfort before purchasing. Additionally, a good headband should be able to keep your hair in place during vigorous activity, and it shouldn't slip off easily itself.

Comfortable material in making headbands
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