Magazines Guides: Women’s Football Reads

Pick Your Magazines: Women’s Football Reads

Although electronic reading gradually occupies our lives, the joy and nostalgic significance brought by print magazines transcend time. Today, we will select the best women's football magazines to help you find the best women's football magazines in 2024.

1. SheKicks

Since 1996, SheKicks has been pioneering a high-quality, entertaining, and visually appealing bi-monthly magazine for the women's football world. In order to deliver women's football news more quickly, they update the latest developments in the women's football world almost every day on their official website and Instagram. If you want to track women's football news the fastest, you can follow them on social media and collect magazines featuring your favorite players on special occasions such as the World Cup.

shekicks is a high quality womens football magazine bi monthly

2. TWTM 

The Women's Football Magazine (TWTM) is a magazine that I really really like. Their cover designs and accompanying visuals are simply fantastic. I even display some of the magazines in my living room because they allow my love for this aesthetically pleasing sport to be showcased. In addition to covering news from the professional levels, they also focus on the fun off-pitch stories and fashion trends about sports women. On the other hand, their attention to grassroots football demonstrates their strong bonds with community.

TWTM is a beautiful magazine focus on grass root and fashion

3. Mirror Women's Football News Magazine

I must admit that The Mirror, as a traditional media company, produces high-quality women's football magazines. Not only in terms of the writing style of news stories, but also in terms of providing firsthand information about the women's football world and advocating for women's empowerment, this magazine sets the industry standard. Their monthly updates ensure that you can keep up with the latest developments in the football world. However, the downside is that the visuals and text in this magazine are too generic, lacking aesthetic appeal.

mirror magazine for womens football is high quality but lack aesthetic sense

4. Teams Matchday Magazine

Supporting your team is always a great choice. You can commemorate a special moment by purchasing a matchday magazine for a particular important match. Some teams' official matchday magazines are available for purchase at the fan shops outside the stadium or club official website. I believe you can buy one to take home while watching the game, especially if it's a memorable match.

Supported team magazine is more personal choice for super fans
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