top 5 girls football kit and football boots by hana

Girls Football Kit and Girls Football Boots - Top 5 choices in 2024

Having trouble picking the perfect girls football kit or finding girls' football boots that fit? Today, Hana will suggest the top 5 football kit and boots, designed for lionesses of different ages.


1. Football shirt

When selecting football jerseys for yourself or your girls, there are two important factors to consider. The first is breathability and moisture management of the cloth, as they determine whether lionesses can feel comfortable when playing on the field. The second is about material, meaning whether it has good quality and if the fabric is skin-friendly and protective for your child. Based on these considerations, we have selected the best for you.

  • For 6-12 years old
Kipsta Kids' Football Shirt Essential - White
The biggest advantage of this garment lies in its fabric, which ensures excellent breathability and commendable moisture-wicking capabilities. Additionally, this garment is made of lightweight material, ensuring unhindered movement on the field.
However, its drawback is that due to the thin fabric, intense physical contact and prolonged wear may cause the garment to deform.
red girls football shirt selected by hana girls football kits
white girls football shirt selected for girls football kit
  • For 12 years+

H&M DryMove™ Football t-shirt

At first, we didn't believe that this fast fashion brand could produce football jerseys that were professional enough or of good quality. It wasn't until we bought and tested them that we were impressed by the remarkable breathability they provided. However, it's worth noting that this shirt is oversized, so be careful to choose a correct size.

12 years old white football shirt for girls football kit


  • For 15 years +
    Nike Football Academy 23 Dri-Fit t-shirt in sail white and orange
    The smooth and stretchy fabric in this shirt and the Nike Dri-FIT technology
    can absorbs sweat from the skin really quick, and it is also comfortable to wear. In addition, the simple and vibrant colour can style with football causal fashion very well.
    nike white football shirt for girls football kit

    2. Football kits

    If you find it troublesome to select shirts and shorts separately and prefer to choose a complete football kit, then the following recommendations not only ensure excellent quality and outstanding moisture-wicking capabilities but also have a reasonable price.
    • For 3-7 years old
    adidas Sportswear Essentials 3-Stripes Tee And Shorts Set
    This item is one of Adidas' classic styles, offering comfortable texture and exceptional breathability due to its lightweight design. However, a drawback is that light-colored tops may get dirty easily during matches and training sessions.
    adidas white girls football kit for 6-12 years old
    • For 12 years old +

    Joma Womens Academy III Short Sleeve StripThe reason why we recommending this football kit to you is that you can freely choose the colors you want for the top, bottom, and socks.

    joma color free girls football kits


    3. Football boots

    We previously mentioned several good football shoes in the previous tested and tried girls football kits blog and today we will also recommend shoes suitable for different age groups' foot development stages, and match conditions.


    • For 6 - 15 years old 

      ULTRA PLAY FG/AG Youth Football Boots

      These Puma football boots, available in various sizes, are designed specifically for female football enthusiasts. Their advantage lies in the accurately sized shoes designed for different foot lengths in various age groups. Therefore, these shoes offer excellent support, protecting the tender developing feet.

      pink puma boots
      • For 9-12 years old 

      Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Club TF Junior

      Why listing football boots specifically for this age group? Because girls in this stage face rapidly increasing match and training sessions, and their bones are entering a phase of rapid growth over a few years. Therefore, their foot bones undergo significant growth pressure, necessitating thicker football boots to protect them from injury during matches and training. These Nike tiempo cleats are favored by many football stars due to their excellent leather construction. Not only do they provide ample cushioning for the feet, but they also enhance precision when striking the ball.

      Nike girls football boot for girls football kit

      4. Football socks

      Don't underestimate the importance of a pair of football socks. The initial design of football socks aims to provide players with better foot friction, offering additional assistance during acceleration and power generation. Moreover, the moisture-wicking design on football socks provides players with a refreshing sensation on their soles, preventing distraction during the game caused by sweat inside the shoes. These features are not achievable with cheap football socks that come as freebies with jerseys.
      • For 3-7 years old

      Sondico Football Socks Childrens

      These Sondico  polyester made socks offer good moisture-wicking capabilities and are made of breathable knitted fabric, providing a comfortable wearing experience. 

      sondico girls football socks

      • for 7 - 14 years old
      Hana girls' football socks 

      These Hana girls' football socks were designed with careful consideration of the shape of young girls' feet and their bone development. Therefore, special cotton thickening treatment is applied to the bottom of the socks to ensure protection and timely moisture absorption and breathability for young girls' feet.

      hana girls football socks soccer socks

      5. Accessories 

      In a complete football kit, besides the visible aspects, many unseen details are also worthy of our attention.
      • Protection 
      Kids Ankle Support with Figure of 8 Strap ( for 12 years+)
      This  strap helps provide extra support and compression whilst the heat therapeutic neoprene helps warm muscles and joints, and support and stabilize injured or weak ankles during sporting and recreational activities.
      ankle starp for girls football kit
      • headbands
      Nike  Printed Headbands (6-Pack)
      Girls' hair can easily obstruct their vision during movement, and strands constantly falling can force them to intermittently deal with their hair on the field. A sturdy headband that keeps their hair in place and absorbs excess sweat would greatly help alleviate their burden on the field.
      nike haedbands for girl
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