Eco-Friendly Material: Buy Sustainable Ladies Football Kits

Eco-Friendly Material: Buy Sustainable Ladies Football Kits

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, the sports industry is also making strides towards sustainability. Buying sustainable ladies football kits not only means the sustainable development of the planet, but also to advocate for the advancement of industries through the change of our consumption habits. Therefore, we will recommend some ladies football kits of really good quality and made from sustainable materials.

1. Recycled Plastic Made Jerseys

    As early as 2012, Nike initiated the plan to make jerseys from recycled plastic. This environmentally friendly initiative quickly gained momentum globally over the next few years. Their competitor Adidas soon followed suit with a similar initiative, gradually transitioning all their jersey designs to ones made from recycled plastic.

    Since 2016, Adidas has collaborated with Parley to recycle ocean plastic waste, transforming this material, which would otherwise pollute the oceans and endanger marine ecosystems, into football jerseys and sneakers.

adidas recycled football jerseys

    Under the influence of these two giants, companies like Puma and Decathlon have also started using recycled plastic to manufacture jerseys. It can be said that achieving both plastic recycling and economic benefits through jersey production is a great endeavour.

    Now, we will recommend some of the best football jerseys for 2024. These high-quality ladies football kits, made from eco-friendly materials, are definitely worth considering.

  • Nike England 2024/25 Match Jersey

The new 2024 England team jersey is part of Nike's Move to Zero initiative. This jersey not only boasts excellent stretch and breathability but also features intricate design details.

England New sustainable ladies Football kits Lionesses Jersey
  • Puma Football Jersey (Recycled)

This Puma jersey, made from sustainable materials, is suitable for training as the material is extremely lightweight. Additionally, it's made of a fabric treated with Puma's proprietary moisture-wicking technology, helping you stay cool and dry during workouts.

recycled plastic ladies FOOTBALL kits jersey

2. Organic Material Kits

    In addition to recycled plastics, organic materials are also an important component of sustainable development. Organic production involves maximizing energy savings throughout the process of planting, irrigation, production, manufacturing, and transportation. This includes saving water and using environmentally friendly fertilizers. Furthermore, respecting the rights of production workers and promoting equality are also important. Consequently, ladies' football kits made from organic materials generally tend to be more expensive.

  • Rapanui Organic Cotton Sports Underwear

We believe that underwear should also be considered by female footballers when selecting ladies' football kits. This breathable, comfortable, and highly supportive sports bra is made from organic cotton, making it ideal for long-term daily wear or intense physical activity.

organic cotton made sports underwear for ladies football kits
  • Hana Football Organic Cotton Grip Football Socks

Hana's Grip Football Socks are made from 78% high-quality organic cotton. Therefore, as a qualified pair of grip football socks, they not only have excellent traction performance and breathable knitted structure but also showcase the moisture-wicking and cushioning capabilities inherent in organic cotton.

organic cotton grip football socks for ladies football kits
organic cotton used in hana ladies football kits
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