cover of women's football passing drills, from rookie to master

Women's football passing drills, from rookie to master -- EP1

Passing is the fundamental method in constructing football attacks. Hana Football will share several practical football passing drills, with specific examples and drills to help you improve.

Why do some individuals create goal-scoring opportunities with a precise through-ball, while seemingly safe backward passes may giving "Benzema"s an opportunity? The difference lies in the quality of passing. There are 2 key factors determine the quality of passing:

  • Timing of the Pass and drills
  • Force of the Pass and drills


1.Timing of the Pass

Best passing timing can be fleeting, especially during offensive plays. When I first started playing soccer, dribbling was my proud characteristic. However, when I joined a more competitive youth team at the age of 11, dribbling became my biggest weakness. Because I had developed a habit of dribbling after receiving the ball, and skillful defenders never allowed opponents to seize a tiny breach for more than one second. Thankfully, my coach pointed out this issue through training videos and urged me to correct it.

Let's have the former World Cup-winning midfieder Busquets explain the importance of timing.

best football passing drill to improve your pass by hana football

In this example, if Busquets had chosen to control the ball, dribble, and then pass instead of releasing the ball promptly, the defending player behind him could have intercepted the pass.

Pass timing drill -- Checking Before Receiving 

Busquets made his passing decision at the first opportunity because he observed the defender behind him before receiving the ball. Therefore, pre-reception observation(checking) is a crucial skill in seizing the timing. Try this: checking the defending player behind you before receiving a pass, moving away from the defending player, and utilize the momentary gap to contemplate the scene you just observed. Now the vital part, thinking, thinking, constantly thinking! Initially, your thinking process may be slow, but believe me, after one or two weeks of training, your thinking ability will be excellent.

football passing drill about pass timing by hana football
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2. Force of the Pass

Poor passing force leads to constant complaints from teammates, as they may be unable to catch up with a flying-away ball despite how fast they run. Similarly, a pass with insufficient force allows defender to catch up with the ball, resulting in a wasted opportunity. Look at the following example, and you will understand the importance of the force of the pass.

passing power is important in football passing drill by hana football

Passing power drill-- driven ball

Try the following training method: during practice, increase the amplitude of your body swing and accelerate the movement of your lower leg. When the timing for the pass arrives, quickly swing your foot outward.
Secrets of football passing drill by hana football
football passing drill- driven ball by hana football
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