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Football Shooting Drills -- Precision Power and Techniques

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It's very hard to finish your shoot with accuracy, and it is even harder to control the techniques of your shooting, making it impossible to be saved by keepers. Hana football shooting drill will present some situations in the box that you probably have dealt with, and help you to find the best shooting drill to become a box killer.

  • Precise first-time shot
  • Power = Precision sometimes
  • Curve Balls Shooting Techniques 

1. Precise first-time shot

The art of shooting is a skill that can elevate a player to legendary status, such as Ronaldo and Klose. When defenders face these marksmen, they will not giving them more than a second, sometimes even half a second, to react and make moves. But they can still score a lot of goals under such high pressure. Accurate first time shooting is an important ability that help them to achieve it. Through the following scenes, you will appreciate the importance of taking first time shot. Suarez finds himself surrounded by five defensive players before receiving the ball. If he chooses to control the ball before shooting, these defenders will quickly block all space.

Suarez's first time shoot
Let's see how Suarez finish this sensational goal.
Suarez sensational shooting at first touch
However, sometimes, even choosing to shot at the first time might not guarantee a goal. 
Robben couldn’t get score at first time shoot
Now you understand why I emphasize the precision of taking a shot at the first opportunity.
To improve the accuracy of your first-time shots in a short time, it's essential to have a strong sense of ball. It’s a cliché yet undeniably effective method to enhance sense of ball is through consistent juggling practice. In addition to this, targeted drills can be used to further strengthen your shooting skills.

2. Power = Precision sometimes

Frankly speaking, a powerful shot proves more effective than a finesse shot aimed at the corner, as the sheer strength behind these shots, despite not having the most intricate angles, makes it challenging for goalkeepers to save even if they correctly predict the direction, owing to the sheer speed of the shot.

powerful shots better than precise powerless shots
As the power of shooting is closely associated with the strength of the thigh muscles, to enhance shooting power, it may be necessary to engage in off-field training aimed at strengthening the muscles of the thighs.
muscles used in shots
But we should also notice that engaging in excessive training to increase thigh muscle strength can lead to a cumbersome stride, resulting in a decrease in dribbling precision and speed. Therefore, the simplest, most effective, and non-detrimental training method is squats.
correct way to squat, and it is improve muscle power is squat
Wear comfortable pants and socks, try to do 4 groups, 8 squats each group everyday before or after training, your shots will be like Robert Carlos very soon😂.

3. Curve Balls Shooting Techniques 

Mastering various shooting techniques is also key to improving goal-scoring efficiency. Therefore, it is essential to acquire skills in curve shots, outside-of-the-foot shots, and even toe pokes. However, in the most games, curved shots are the ones frequently employed, because outside-of-the-foot shots and toe pokes, due to the difficulty in ensuring accuracy, are less commonly used. Therefore, in the limited time available, it is more efficient to focus on training for curved shots.
The video below is one I watched over a year ago when I was learning how to curve the ball in my shots. Through continuous practice, I am now able to execute impressive curved shots in matches. If I can do it, so can you.
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