Why is it called SheBelieves Cup? Why USA Win SheBelieves Cup Again?

Why is it called SheBelieves Cup? Why USA Win SheBelieves Cup Again?

    A few days ago, the SheBelieves Cup came to a close in Atlanta, East USA, with the host team once again defeating their formidable opponents, Canada, and lifting the championship trophy. However, you may wonder why this tournament is called the SheBelieves Cup and why the US team has been able to maintain dominance multiple times? Alright, Let’s dive in.

1. History of SheBelieves Cup

    The SheBelieves Cup was first held in 2016 by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). The tournament aims to provide a platform for elite women's national teams to compete against each other in a round-robin format, fostering camaraderie and promoting the growth of women's soccer worldwide.

    As an annual event, the invitational tournament takes place in the first half of each year. Even amidst the impact of Covid-19 in 2021, the tournament has never been interrupted.

shebelieves cup's history and why it called shebelieves

    The Lionesses have participated in the first five editions of the SheBelieves Cup, winning the championship in 2019. Similarly, the French team has also won the championship once in their three participations.

Lionesses win shebelieves cup in 2019

2. Why Is It Called She Believes Cup? 

    The name "SheBelieves" reflects the tournament's mission of inspiring and empowering the next generation of female athletes to believe in themselves and their abilities both on and off the field.

    So many people arguing that the name of this tournament is not very professional. However, we firmly believe that as an international invitational event, the name "SheBelieves Cup" effectively reflects the call for women's rights and participation in sports worldwide.

3. Why USA Always Win?

    The SheBelieves Cup every year features teams with considerable strength. Apart from the Lionesses and the French team in the early editions, powerhouse teams such as Germany, Brazil, Canada, and Spain have also participated. However, in all nine editions, the USA has won the championship seven times and finished as runners-up once, demonstrating their formidable competitive strength and dominance.

     In this year's final on April 10th, the USA team emerged victorious against the formidable Canadian team in a penalty shootout, once again lifting the championship trophy.

4. Stars In The USA Team

    The strength of the USA team and its star players might be a bit mysterious for European fans who don't often watch the NWSL. However, we can responsibly tell you that the 2024 USA team is a highly talented squad. Not only did they recently win the Concacaf Women's Gold Cup, but they also boast a lineup of outstanding players.

     The Shero Alex Morgan remains the brightest star. For this legendary forward, we don’t need to introduce anymore. Additionally, Mallory Pugh Swanson, the 25-year-old forward for the Chicago Red Stars, has already scored 32 goals for the USA team.

    Another key player in their lineup is midfielder Lindsey Horan, currently playing for Lyon, who provides a significant force for the team, she is also the current captain.

Lindsey Horan in USA womens football team

    In defense, they have the well-known WSL player Emily Fox, as well as Crystal Dunn, who has previously played for Chelsea.

    In conclusion, this is a well-balanced and super-strong team, as evidenced by their current fourth-place ranking in the world. Winning the SheBelieves Cup once again is not by chance. It's foreseeable that they will be strong contenders for the gold medal at the women's football event in this year's Paris Olympics.

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