5 Best Young Girls' football Hair Bands For Soccer in 2024

5 Best Young Girls' Hair Bands For Soccer in 2024

Young football athletes need the right gear to keep them comfortable and focused on the game, and to protect their beautiful hair. A good hair band keeps hair out of their face, ensuring they can concentrate fully on the game without distractions. Today, we bring you 5 best young girls' hair bands for soccer in 2024 we tested and tried.

1. Why and How to Choose Best Hair Bands For Soccer

    Before sharing our selection of the best hair bands, we want to tell you about how our team went about selecting and testing hair bands over the past month. During this month, we purchased hair bands from 12 different brands from USA and UK through offline stores and online platforms. Our selection included traditional sports brands like Nike and Adidas, as well as emerging brands like Lululemon. Overall, most of the hair bands we bought demonstrated good quality and performance. However, we have chosen the top 5 hair bands for 2024, based on our main criteria outlined below.

  • Durability: After all, no one wants their carefully selected hair bands to snap easily after just two games and a few headers, right?
  • Grip: Silicone grips or velvet backings can help keep the hair band in place during intense activities.
  • Fit: Hair bands for soccer should be snug enough to stay in place but not so tight that it causes discomfort.
  • Material: Materials with good breathability can help you avoid being drenched in sweat during hot weather, and a comfortable hair band can make you forget that your head is even being held by anything during a 90-minute game.
  • Style and Design: Who says you can't play well while having style?

2. Nike Printed Headbands

    This 6-pack Nike's printed headbands are a favorite among young football girls for their comfort and functionality. Made from a blend of nylon, rubber, and spandex, these headbands offer excellent elasticity and a secure fit. The iconic Nike Swoosh adds a stylish touch that young girls will love.

nike printed hair bands for soccer young girls
  • Exprience: We’ve used these headbands during our daily soccer practices, and they consistently keep my hair in place without causing discomfort. The fit is snug but not too tight, which is perfect for long training sessions. Although there is only one universal size, it is suitable for minors with smaller head circumferences.
  • However, the elasticity can wear out over time, especially after frequent washes.

3. Lululemon Luxtreme Training Headband

    This Lululemon training wide headband are highly popular for their superior moisture-wicking properties, and it’s made from a breathable, technical fabric that keeps young players cool and dry during intense matches.

lululemon wide hair bands for soccer wide headbands
  • Experience: Their moisture-wicking capability is fantastic, and the beautiful wide design is helpful for my lush hair. -- Jess from hanafootball.
  • Slightly higher price point for a single headband.


     While this Puma sport hair band isn't specifically designed for soccer, its excellent quality, good grip, variety of colors, and the design featuring the Puma logo strike a balance between style and performance. Moreover, its affordability makes it a practical choice without imposing too much burden on our budget.

puma sport hair bands for soccer
  • Experience: So nice for my 11-year-old colours and styles.They stay put even when she’s running at full speed.
  • strips can feel a bit tight, which might not be comfortable for everyone

5. Hana football Sporting headbands for Women and Girls

     Hana football sporting headbands are known for their non-slip design and fun, vibrant patterns. These headbands are perfect for young girls who want to add a bit of personality to their soccer gear. The silicone stripes ensures a comfortable fit that stays in place.
hana football headbands sporting hair bands for soccer
  • Experience: The vibrant designs of these bands are what drew me to them initially, but their non-slip feature is what keeps me coming back. They add a bit of flair to my soccer uniform and stay put no matter how much I move.

6. Gymshark SHARKHEAD Hairband

    We've also prepared this Gymshark hairband for players who prefer something simpler. This hairband is perfect for young athletes with shorter hair, and its lightweight and minimalist design is ideal for those who play in hot conditions.
simple hair bands for soccer
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