UEFA Women's Champions League Final : G.O.A.T. Aitana Bonmatí

UEFA Women's Champions League Final : G.O.A.T. Aitana Bonmatí

Yesterday, the thrilling final of the 2024 UEFA Women's Champions League finally concluded at San Mamés Stadium in Spain. In this match, Aitana Bonmatí showcased her GOAT performance, teaming up with fellow Ballon d'Or winner Alexia Putellas to score and help Barcelona topped the champions league again. Let's dive into the exciting moments of this match and related information.

uefa womens champions league final stadium and fans

UEFA Women's Champions League Final

1. Game Stats

     From the match statistics, it is clear that Barcelona firmly controlled the game. But in fact, although they displayed strong dominance in key metrics such as possession, attempts total, shots on target, and pass completion rat, Lyon girls still posed challenges to the Barça girls. Anyways, the French team proved to be formidable, showing a strong desire for the championship throughout the match. 

game statistics of uefa womens chmapions league final

2. Highlights

     Almost from the very start of the match, both teams were attacking and defending in turn, as reflected in their closely matched number of shots. Although Barcelona's possession-based play gave them an apparent advantage, Lyon created numerous opportunities through quick counterattacks, wing play, and set-piece strategies. However, thanks to the stellar performance of Aitana Bonmatí and Alexia's priceless winning goal in stoppage time, Lyon ultimately succumbed to the stronger Barcelona team, losing by a two-goal margin.

game highlights of uefa womens champions league final

    In the 27th minute, Spain's 26-year-old left midfielder Patri Guijarro seized an opportunity through an aggressive interception. She then dribbled past a defender to face the goalkeeper one-on-one, but her shot was blocked. 

barca‘s-attack-at-the-first-half-uefa-womens-champions league final

    then the 38th minute, Lyon took a corner kick, and their 187cm tall defender Wendie Renard jumped so high and finished a powerful header, but it was saved by the goalkeeper.

lyon's powerful header attack in uefa final

    Shortly after, Barcelona's Norwegian star striker Hansen nearly scored with her individual skill.


     At the start of the second half, Renard had another game-changing opportunity, but her volley went over the bar.


     In football, missed opportunities often lead to punishment. In the 63rd minute, during what seemed like a casual passing sequence, Aitana Bonmatí suddenly accelerated with the ball, dribbled into the box, and faced with both defenders and the goalkeeper, chose a powerful shot. The shot deflected off a Lyon defender's shin pad and into the net, giving Barcelona the lead. 

aitana's meaningful and beautiful goals for barca

    Trailing behind, Lyon launched a series of attacks, and the game entered a fast-paced rhythm of offensive plays and quick counterattacks. In the 86th minute, a cross from Lyon's wing created a chance, but Hegerberg's header went wide.

lyon tried to fight back at the end of the final of uefa womens champions league

    As the match entered stoppage time, Barcelona substituted in their captain, Alexia Putellas. This substitution proved to be magical, as a few minutes later, Putellas found the net with a rocket shot, and then we know how happy she was from her super excited celebration.


     Ultimately, Barcelona secured the 2024 UEFA Women's Champions League trophy, thanks to the goals from Ballon d'Or winners Bonmatí and Putellas.

barcelona women win uefa womens champions league trophy

3. Player Of The Match

     The GOAT Aitana Bonmatí , who scored a goal and orchestrated the decisive winning goal, was named the Player of the Match and Player of the Season.
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