2024 Paris Olympics Preview : Colombia Women’s Football Team

2024 Paris Olympics Preview : Colombia Women’s Football Team

Colombia is ready to make a significant impact on the global stage. Today let’s delve into the Colombia women's football team history, Olympics journey, star players, and what to watch for as they aim for Olympic success.

1. Rise In Blood And Fire

    Las Chicas Superpoderosas, means the powerpuff girls, have a rich and evolving history, one that mirrors the country's social and cultural transformations.

    In the rapidly evolving world of modern football during the 1930s, a wave of football enthusiasm also swept through South America, reaching as far as Colombia. However, Colombia faced significant political turmoil between 1946 and 1957, which inevitably impacted the social progress of women's participation in national sports. Similar to the situation in Britain at the time, while men's football was rapidly developing, women's football remained in its nascent stages.

    During those war-torn years, football served as the only unifying thing in a nation torn apart by strife and division.

colombia womens football team history

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    As American capital gained control over Colombia's economic lifelines—oil, coffee, and foreign trade—nationalist anti-government forces began a guerrilla war in the 1980s, fighting for social issues and national sovereignty. Even more terrible, the rampant spread of drug cartels in the 1970s further deteriorated the already impoverished and chaotic social conditions in Colombia.  During the ensuing decades of conflict, national sports were left without state support and guidance, and women's football struggled to find the fertile ground it needed to develop.

    Although the standoff between the national army and anti-government guerrillas continued, the rise of President Álvaro Uribe in 2002 marked a turning point. Under his leadership, the Colombian government gradually gained the upper hand. It was during this period, as the country entered a new century, that the state began to have the capacity to support and guide various social initiatives.

    The Colombian Football Federation (CFF), after the men’s national team achieved significant success in the 1990s, started to prioritize the development of women's football in the new millennium. 

colombia womens football team in early years

    In 2011, the Colombian women's football team made history by qualifying for the FIFA Women's World Cup for the first time. They continued their momentum by qualifying for the women's football event at the 2012 London Olympics and securing another World Cup appearance in 2015. The 2010s were a golden era for the development of women's football in Colombia. This period of growth and achievement culminated in the official launch of the Colombian Women's Football League in 2017.

first women league in colombia 2017

    In 2023, they reached the quarter-finals of the Women's World Cup, where they narrowly lost to the Lionesses. Despite the loss, they achieved their best World Cup performance to date. Earlier in the year, they were defeated by the eventual champions, the United States, in the CONCACAF Cup. In less than two decades, the Colombian women's football team has risen from obscurity to become a formidable force in South American football, earning recognition and respect on the international stage.

2. Football and Society 

    Football in Colombia is more than just a game; it’s a cultural phenomenon that bridges social divides and fosters unity. The rise of the women's national team has had a profound impact on Colombian society. It has challenged traditional gender roles, empowered women, and provided role models for the next generation. Players like Yoreli Rincón, Catalina Usme, and Leicy Santos have become household names, symbolizing hope and progress.


women and children right through colombia womens football

Prompting gender equity in colombia ©️children change colombia

3. Star Players To Watch

    Mayra Ramírez and Linda Caicedo are currently two of the most prominent stars in the Colombian lineup, their exceptional skills and contributions making them standout players on the team. 

  • Mayra Ramírez

This rising star, the Colombian forward who shattered transfer records earlier this year, proved to be a sharp blade on the front line of the newly crowned WSL champions. Ramírez's talent has been evident since her early years. She began her journey with local clubs, quickly garnering attention with her exceptional skills and knack for scoring goals.
Her breakthrough came when she caught the eye of Atlético Huila, a club renowned for nurturing young talents. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, Ramírez refined her abilities, emerging as one of Colombia's most promising talents.
Her stellar performances at the club level earned her a spot in the national team, where she continued to dazzle. Known for her agility, speed, and lethal finishing, Ramírez has become a vital asset to Colombia's attacking force. 


  • Linda Caicedo

At just 19 years old, Linda Caicedo, the forward from Real Madrid, has showcased impressive performances this season. Of particular note is her remarkable record of 9 goals in 32 appearances for the Colombian national team, including strong showings at the 2023 World Cup.

As Colombia gears up for this summer's Olympics, Caicedo is poised to be one of the key forwards the team relies on. Her combination of youth, skill, and goal-scoring prowess makes her a player to watch.


  • Leicy Santos 

Leicy Santos, the midfield maestro, is the heartbeat of the Colombian team. Her vision, passing accuracy, and ability to control the tempo of the game make her indispensable. Santos's leadership on and off the pitch will be instrumental in guiding the younger players and orchestrating Colombia's gameplay.

leicy santos in colombia womens football team
  • Catalina Usme

Veteran forward Catalina Usme brings experience and a proven goal-scoring record. Her precise finishing and ability to perform under pressure have earned her a reputation as one of Colombia's most reliable players. Usme's experience in major tournaments will be a cornerstone of Colombia's attack.

usme in colombia womens football national team

4. Challenges In Paris

    In this summer, Colombia will face the challenges posed by the host team France and the strong North American team Canada. Additionally, they will encounter New Zealand as their opponents. It's worth noting that Colombia is not without chances against France and Canada. In fact, their talented and experienced forward line could significantly boost their chances of securing a spot in the next round.


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