New Women’s Football Boots 2024 Spring : Tried and Tested

Tried and Tested New Women’s Football Boots 2024 Spring

As the weather begins to warm up, we can enjoy playing football more comfortably. Girls, in the spring of 2024, if you're looking for a new football boots, we've tried and tested some new ones for you, which might give you some reference.




  • Firm ground / Longer turf 3g or 4g ground
  • £150
  • Size 3.5-12 available 

    Placing these shoes at the top isn't just because of their beautiful light blue colour. These premium leather football boots, which embody the Adidas signature, offer excellent foot support and stability. If you, like our staff Rory, play as a midfielder or defender, these shoes can provide great stability when distributing the ball.

2024 new womens football boots for firm ground

2. For Firm Ground - New Balance TEKELA MAGIQUE FG V4+

  • Firm ground / Normal 3g or 4g turf
  • £80
  • All size available 

    New Balance has been relatively understated in the industry in recent years compared to its competitors. However, these lightweight football boots, weighing only around 200g, are perfect for women footballers. With their soft upper and lightweight feel, coupled with short, sturdy studs for good support, they are more suitable for shorter grass fields compared to the previous pair of boots. Our friends bought both the Pro version for £230 and the V4+ version for £85. While the pricier version offers superior overall quality, the latter provides excellent value for money, especially if you're using them for daily training and matches.

tested and tried 2024 new balance womens football boots

3. For Artificial Ground - Mizuno MORELIA NEO IV PRO AG

  • All shorter artificial grounds
  • £115
  • Size 6.5 and bigger
    We've mentioned this Japanese brand more than once. While their designs may seem ordinary, the wearing experience is more comfortable than other expensive brands, especially suitable for ballers with wider feet. In their product description, they claim that these shoes provide a near-barefoot feeling, and we can responsibly tell you it is true after testing. To describe these boots in just one word, it would be "comfortable."
AG Womens football boots new in 2024 tested by hana
mizuno Womens football boots new in 2024 tested by hana


  • For multiple grounds / Suitable for AG grounds 
  • £119.99
  • UK Size 4-10

These IDA's football cleats share similarities with the PUMA ones we recommended earlier: they are lightweight and stylish. If you're after ultimate speed and agility, then trying out this new brand's football boots might be worth it. However, while they are lightweight, these boots may not provide adequate foot protection.

ida womens football boots are light and beautiful for women footballers
ida womens football boots are light and beautiful for women footballers

5. Conclusion

The recommendations above are based on the genuine experiences through our personal purchases and testing. We have received no sponsorships, and our only wish is to help women footballers worldwide with honest reviews. If you're confused about terms like AG/FG/3G/4G that often come up when purchasing football boots, you can refer to our previous women’s football boot guide. If you have better recommendations, feel free to share them with us in the comments.
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