Football shooting drills - Volleys, Free-kicks, Penalties

Ejercicios de tiro en fútbol: voleas, tiros libres, penales

Mastering the art of scoring goals is the pinnacle of a footballer's skill set. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, honing your shooting abilities is crucial for success on the pitch. So today, explore a range of football shooting drills designed to take your goal-scoring prowess to the next level with hana. Let's kick off the journey to becoming a lethal striker.

Since we’ve learned how to do Power, Precision and Techniques drills, we can now step onto the next stage:

  • Volleys and Half-Volleys
  • Free-kicks
  • Penalties 

1. Volleys and Half-Volleys

Elevate your shooting repertoire by focusing on volleys and half-volleys. Personally speaking, volleys and half-volleys are quite similar, but the latter one is easier and is used more frequently than the former one. Today we have Alex Morgan and Sam Kerr (hope she get back soon💗) in the house, let’s now seek out the difference.

half-volley shots from sam kerr in the hana football shooting drills
Alex Morgan teaching half-volley shots in hana football shooting drills
They performed these Beautiful volley shots after adjusting, or the ball bounced back from the ground, That’s what we called, a half-volley shots.
Alex morgan showing her volley shots for hana football shooting drills

 This non-stop-and-adjust goal is a real volley shots.

Now you know how difficult it is to score a volley shot, but trust me, a half-volley shot is way easier and more practical in the real games. However, you need someone to help you to complete the volley shots shooting drills. 

Have a teammate serve the ball, following the drill we selected for you, and practice striking it cleanly without allowing it to touch the ground. This drill enhances your ability to capitalize on aerial opportunities and react swiftly to crosses.


2. Free-kicks

Basically, we have knuckle (dipping), curve , and power shots ( using out-side-of-foot)and low driven free-kicks.   

4-freekick-techniques-hana football shooting drills
David Beckham have told us the only secret in free-kick training is repetition. Repeat the same free-kick routine consistently to build muscle memory, consistency is crucial for success in free-kick situations during actual matches. 
Keep up with Jack Blake, and do remember to practice.

3. Penalties

Becoming a successful penalty striker involves a combination of technical skills, mental focus, and strategic approaches. Don’t think about any drills, techniques or anything before you kick the penalty, because thinking too much can distract your concentration.
The only drill to improve your penalty is to train your mind to handle pressure situations. Imagine yourself in a high-pressure situation, and simulated penalty shootouts to build mental toughness.
It sounds easy? Yes, but no. You can never handle a vital penalty in the 90 minute until you grow a big heart.
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