what channel is womens football on in UK and Livestream Guide

What Channel is Women's Football on? This is Your Women's Football Livestream Guide.

As we eagerly await the excitement of upcoming matches, does anyone of us know what channel is airing women's football? Some platform might certain purchased broadcasting rights, but not for others, so there are times when you may be unsure of where to watch the particular match you want to see, especially when a major event unfolds. Today we’ve listed a livestream guide to share with women’s football lover in UK to find the right platform to watch various tournaments lives.

1. WSL & WC Live Platform

The FA Player is the most convenient platform for watching women's football matches, as it encompasses the official broadcast rights for WSL, Women’s Champions, Adobe FA CUP, the league cup, and Lionesses' matches. Additionally, this platform features weekly highlights, player interviews, team boxsets, and entertaining off-field news. In summary, it is the most comprehensive video platform that allows you to swiftly immerse yourself in the world of women's football.

FA Player is the easiest way to watch wsl in UK

wsl and womens champions can be watched in fa player

In addition, Sky Sports also broadcasts WSL matches, but they do not offer comprehensive coverage and off-field programs like FA Player. Therefore, if you're interested in domestic events, I recommend using the FA Player platform. By the way, both platforms mentioned above support viewing on both mobile and desktop devices.

2. Women’s Champion League Livestream 

Starting from next week, our women's team will enter the most intense phase of the second half of the season, marking the beginning of the thrilling championship battle. This signifies the imminent kickoff of the knockout stages of the prestigious Women's UEFA Champions League. As DAZN has acquired the broadcasting rights for this season's Women's Champions League, viewers in the UK can tune in by subscribing to DAZN or accessing DAZN through Paramount+. Additionally, some matches will be available for free streaming on the DAZN channel on YouTube and UEFA.tv

watch womens champion league live stream in UK through dazn

3. NWSL Livestream

Across the ocean in the United States, the events in women's football are also incredibly exciting, with stars like Alex Morgan and Marta shining brightly in the NWSL. Despite the time difference making some matches less convenient for us to watch, certain thrilling NWSL matchups are still worth catching live. All NWSL games livestream can be watched through CBS(CBSSN) and their streaming on Paramount+.

National-Womens-Soccer-League-can be watched in paramount in UK

4. Liga F

Liga F is one of the most competitive leagues, teams like Real Madrid Women and Barcelona Women participate, and their league matches embody the style of the Spanish national team, showcasing a very high level of play. Similar to the UEFA Women’s Champions League, Liga F matches can also be watched through DAZN.

womens football channel for liga f in uk

5. Subscription Fees

FA Player is a totally free platform, which means that apart from cheering for our team live at the venue, we can also watch domestic events such as WSL, Women's Championship (WC), and FA Cup for free at home. However, the broadcasting of international events requires a subscription fee, and the approximate costs are outlined in the image shared by a Reddit user as follows:
fees to watch womens football on channel in UK
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