fixture and standings of uefa womens nations league final and promo-delegation

UEFA Women's Nations League Standings and Semi Final Results

This weekend, the UEFA Women's Nations League kicked off with the schedule of semi-finals and promotion and relegation matches. Among these matches, there were exciting showdowns like Spain against the Netherlands, as well as thrilling victories in the promotion and relegation matches between Ukraine and Sweden. Today, let's take a look back at the results and highlights of the UEFA Women's Nations League results, highlights and standing of the semi finals and  promotion and relegation matches.

1. Semi Final: Spain vs Netherland 

Led by Mead, the Netherlands team encountered the heavily favored Spain in the semi-finals. Despite the Netherlands' strong lineup, Spain's powerful attack and brilliant tactics overwhelmed them with a comprehensive 3-0 victory. In this match, Spain showcased their dominance on the field, intricate tactical setups, and unparalleled football talent among their players.

result and standings of uefa womens nations league spain and netherland

Shortly after the match began, a mistake by the Netherlands goalkeeper Van Domselaar nearly handed Spain the lead, but Spain's number 7 Salma Parraluelo's shot went slightly wide of the goal due to the interference from the defenders.

dutchs-goalkeepers-mistake-at-the-begining-of-uefa-women's-nations league-semi-final

Then, the link-up between Miedema and Beerensteyn nearly unlocked the door to the Spanish's defense.


In the 41 minute, Hermoso using La Croqueta dribbling to breakthrough the defense into the penalty area and slotted the ball into the net amidst the tight space of defenders.


Just four minutes later, Mariona Caldentey delivered a splendid pass to assist Aitana Bonmati in scoring the second goal.


As the second half unfolded, the Spanish team secured the winning goal with a left-wing attack. Amidst the scramble in front of the goal, Ona Batlle poked the ball into the net from beneath the defenders' feet. 

After this match, the Spanish women's football team qualified for the 2024 Olympic Games for the first time.

2. Semi Final: France vs German

In the 29th minute, Obi's passed the ball to Bühl, who then carried the ball into the penalty area from the left and created a threatening situation with a powerful left-footed shot.


The balance of the game shifted in the 40th minute when a header clearance fell near Diani. Without hesitation, she unleashed a lightning-fast volley into the net, putting her team ahead by one goal. 


The leading French team didn't ease off their attacking pace, and a prime opportunity arose from pressing high up the pitch. France's captain, number 9 Le Sommer, passed the ball to the speedy forward Geyoro. As Germany's midfielder Obi attempted to halt the French attack with a tackle, her unsuccessful defense resulted in a penalty for France. Subsequently, Karachaoui, taking the penalty, drove the ball into the bottom left corner of the net. Although the German goalkeeper Frohms guessed the direction correctly and got a touch on the ball, she couldn't prevent the goal.  


Trailing by two goals, the German girls rallied back in the second half. A mistake by Le Sommer provided an opportunity for the Germany, and Huth calmly passed the ball to Popp, whose shot struck the crossbar of the goal. 


In the 80th-minute corner kick, Henry's arm touched the ball, and the referee decisively awarded a penalty after VAR review. Subsequently, Gwinn, the right-back of the German team, converted the penalty kick into a goal.



Before the end of the match, the German team did not slow down their counterattack. Unfortunately, this highly threatening free kick by Popp was saved. This evenly contested match ended with a narrow victory for the French team by one goal.


france win german 2-1 in uefa womens nations league semi final

3. Promotion & Delegation 1st Leg

In the Friday and Saturday, a total of 7 matches kicked off for the first round of promotion and relegation battles. Below are the results of this round's matchups.


4. Fixtures 

This week, the UEFA Women's Nations League will continue. Apart from the final and third-place play-offs on February 29th, the rest of the promotion and delegation matches will take place between the 27th and 29th. The detailed match schedule and standings is as follows.

fixture and standings of uefa womens nations league final and promo-delegation


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