Guide to Find Girls Football Team Near Me in 2024 : South London

Guide to Find Girls Football Team Near Me in 2024 : South London

Welcome to the ultimate guide for young Lionesses in South London! We know how hard it is to find a perfect football team near your home and provide best football training for you or your daughter. In this guide, we’ll connect you with the most vibrant girl's football teams right here in South London.


1. Clapham

  ladies football academy in south londonLadies Football Academy 

  • For girls above 16y/o 
  • Website:
  • Address: Windmill Dr, London SW4 9DE
  • Contact:  07521 665570

In our Last week North London guide, a 25-year-old football enthusiast, Penny, who loves watching football matches, expressed her wish to try playing football. She sent us an email, hoping that in our subsequent guide we could recommend more teams suitable for adult women to play. So today, we are fulfilling Penny's wish at first.

LFA is a women's football team located in Clapham. They offer football training for enthusiasts of varying skill levels. Whether you are a complete beginner looking to start playing football or someone who has been playing for a while and wants to join a social football team, LFA is suitable for you. For beginners, they have matches and training sessions specifically designed for them. As beginners progress in their skills, they can join one of their four competitive 11 a side team and participate in the Saturday league.

LFA near south london have four teams for women and girls
LFA in South london welcome all levels girl footballer

 2. Brixton

GUFA in south london is a girls football teamGirls United FA

  • For girls aged 5-18
  • Website:
  • Address: They have 7 training Locations in south London ⬇️
  • Contact:
GUFA's training locations in south london


The team's ambition is to provide girls and young women with spaces that are safe, inclusive and engaging for them to participate in sport. They deliver the Girls United Methodology to provide transferable skills and enable players to chase their dreams, on and off the pitch. 

GUFA provide equal opportunity for girls from different background



3. Camberwell

SLGFA's Badge is a girls football team near me in south londonSouth London Girls Football Academy

  • For 4-14 year old girls
  • Website:
  • Address: Lyndhurst Primary School, London SE5 8SN
  • Contact:

The organization aims to offer professional, UEFA qualified coaching to young female players who seek to enhance their skills beyond the scope of school or club football. The objective is to enable them to reach their full potential without relying solely on a limited talent pathway model for selection. Their special curriculum is strategically crafted to cultivate the technical, tactical, physical, psychological, and social aspects of each player within the academy.

SLGFA Provide professional training for girls near south london
SLGFA is for all background young girls near south london


4. Croydon

Croydon Women's Football Club

  • For 16+ years old 
  • Website:
  • Address: Albert Rd, London SE25 4QL
  • Contact:

This is a South London women's football club established in 1991. Over the past three decades, it has provided numerous female football enthusiasts with opportunities to engage in high-level competition. If you happen to be seeking a place that offers match opportunities to elevate your football skills, this is a good choice.

Croydon near south london provides comepetitive games


5. South Greenwich 

long lane fc near greenwich south londonLong Lane Junior Football Club

  • U10-U16 girls
  • Website:
  • Address: 2 Dursley Rd, London SE3 8PB
  • Contact: or 0208 856 1051(General Manager)

This is a football club that has been established for over 40 years. They have a comprehensive youth training system with teams at all levels. Their senior ladies' team is currently competing in Step 6 of the women's football pyramid, in Division 1 of the South East Counties Women's League. It is suitable for girls of all ages, from beginners to those aspiring to enter professional competition.

longlanefc welcomes all ages girl near south london

6. Conclusion

We hope that this South London guide can assist female footballers in finding suitable football teams. If you know any excellent girls' football teams in South London and would like to share them with community members, please feel free to leave a comment below.



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