football accessories guide :Quick Check What Football Accessories You Really Need

Quick Check What Football Accessories You Really Need

Sports brands nowadays always try to persuade us to buy football accessories through various advertisements, but do we really need them? Today, we will expose the scam of football accessories for you and help you to figure out what football accessories are really needed and to save unnecessary expenses. 

Football Accessories You May Need

1. Shin Pads

  • Necessity : ★★★★★ You Need It 

    Don’t ever overlook the importance of shin pads, they are crucial for protecting your legs from kicks, collisions, and other impacts that are common during a game. According to studies, the shinbone, or tibia, is particularly vulnerable due to its location and structure. As the most prominent bone in the lower leg, it lacks substantial muscle and fat coverage, making it more susceptible to impacts and injuries. This vulnerability is why football players wear shin pads for protection. That’s why everyone needs a good pair of shin pads.

why shin pads should be protected

2.  Mouth guard 

  • Necessity : ★★ Not Necessary 

    Mouthguards protect your teeth and gums from impacts. But even in the fast-paced and highly competitive Premier League, the use of mouth guards is quite limited. This is because football does not involve as much upper body and head contact as sports like basketball and boxing. Therefore, mouth guards are not necessary for everyone.

mouth guards in football games

3. wrist bands

  • Necessity : ★★★ Depends 

    We often see professional players wearing wristbands on the field. Although these wristbands are often just simple colored tapes, they can look very stylish during the game. This might make us think that wristbands can make us stand out and look more fashionable on the field. However, wristbands don't provide as much benefit to players as we might imagine. Professional players often wear wristbands because they have had wrist injuries and need the wristbands to protect their wrists when landing from high jumps. Additionally, many wearable wristbands have poor sweat absorption, which can cause them to smell bad after a few uses, limiting their useful lifespan.

arsenals-leah-williamson wears wrist bands

4. Headbands

  • Necessity : ★★★★★ You Need It 

    In fact, headbands are far more useful than we might imagine. Beyond keeping our hair in place and preventing it from getting in the way during stops, passes, or runs, headbands also play a crucial role in sweat absorption. They prevent beads of sweat from dripping down our foreheads, which can be distracting, and ensure that our gathered hair and scalp stay dry. This helps maintain focus and clear vision throughout the game.

womens football headbands are really needed

5. Neck Warmer / Snood

  • Necessity : ★★★★ It’s Good To Have It

    Neckwarmers are essential in winter because when warm nasal passages and airways come into contact with cold air, it can cause discomfort or even allergic reactions in the respiratory tract. This is why many professional players consider neckwarmers a must-have during winter training. Whether you’re sensitive to the cold or not, we recommend wearing a neckwarmer when playing football in the winter. Even if you only wear it during warm-ups, it can help your body better adapt to the cold environment.


6.  Grip Socks Football

  • Necessity : ★★★★★ You Need It 

    The necessity of grip socks can be observed in the changing habits of professional players. These shorter socks, which feature a grip design on the sole, have become increasingly indispensable. Imagine you're sprinting down the field, and thanks to your high-quality grip socks, your feet stay blister-free and comfortable, and more importantly, the non-slip design ensures that your shoes and feet provide enough friction at the moment of starting and change of direction, allowing you to run faster and more agilely. Moreover, the high-performance materials keep you free from any painful distractions.

why grip socks football are so important

7. Ankle Protector 

  • Necessity : ★★★ Depends 

    For those who have previously or recently suffered from ankle injuries, an ankle protector is essential. During the healing process, your ankle ligaments need to avoid sudden strong impacts to prevent re-injury. However, for those looking to prevent ankle injuries, focusing on strengthening the ankle area and performing proper stretching and warm-up exercises before playing football can provide sufficient protection.

ankle protector

8. Gloves

  • Necessity : ★★★ Depends 

    If you are a goalkeeper, a pair of professional goalkeeper gloves is absolutely essential. Goalkeeper gloves not only provide excellent impact cushioning for your palms and fingers but also help prevent the ball from slipping through their specialized grip design. However, if you only need a pair of regular gloves for warmth, we believe this accessory is not very effective. Palms need to dissipate heat during a match, and although many sports gloves can absorb sweat, by the end of the game or training session, the absorbed sweat can make your hands feel heavy.

gloves for goalkeeper


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