Useful Apps to Help You Find Football Pitches or Join a Casual Game in London

Useful Apps to Help You Find Football Pitches or Join a Casual Game in London

    Are you looking for football pitches near your home or workplace? You keen to join a casual game of football in your spare time? Or maybe your usual match pitch  is unexpectedly unavailable due to some reasons, and you need to find an alternative venue quickly. Today, we'll guide you through some Useful Apps to swiftly locate and book football pitches in your vicinity, as well as how to join casual games.

Football Pitches & Casual Games London

1. Find Football Pitches

    When it comes to finding pitches, we can turn to Hire A Pitch. They currently offer an app for both Android and Apple devices, if you find app downloads cumbersome, you can simply search on their website.

  • Step 1: Select Location, Sports and Space

    The first step is simple: just input your destination and preferred pitch size on Hire A Pitch, and you'll see recommendations for available pitches.

find football piches in London through website and apps
  • Step 2: Filter Your Search

    As our instruction shown below, once we've entered the approximate location, we can further refine our search with pitch size, distance, and booking time. Each pitch comes with contact information, though it's not displayed in the image due to size constraints.

Instructions to filter the perfect football pitches
  • Step 3: Book

    If the pitch is free, you simply just need to provide your information and complete the booking process. However, if the pitch isn't listed as free open, you just need to wait for them to send you pricing details after you've submitted your information, and then to finish your booking smoothly.

instructions to finish the pitches reservation

2. Join A Causal Game

   If you're looking to join a casual game, Footy Addicts is currently the most popular and convenient choice.

  • Step 1: Select the Game and Time

    choose the type of casual game you want to join in, the distance from your location, and the time. In this app, you can also select women's-only games.

select the casual games you want to join for womens only game
  • Step2: Follow or Join

    If the participants isn't full yet for the game you want to join , you can click "join" to sign up very easily. If the current participants is already full, you can choose to "follow." And you'll receive notifications when someone is unable to attend, allowing you to sign up at that time. Besides, the price and refund policy is shown, sometimes they receive pay online, so that you don’t have to bring too much cash with you to the pitch.

join available casual games in london for women footballer
price and sign up for casual games in london
  • Step 3: Search By Your Address

    Additionally, you can search for games at pitches near you, allowing you to quickly and conveniently sign up to play whenever you feel like it.

find the nearest football pitches and join at anytime



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