Top 5 Women's Sports Jacket In 2024 Spring&Summer

Top 5 Women's Sports Jacket In 2024 Spring&Summer

As summer approaches, finding the perfect sports jacket for warmer days is necessary. The ideal jacket should strike a balance between functionality, comfort, and style, thus we've selected five of the best women's sports jackets for your spring and summer days, suitable for different types of sports and activities.  Let's go check out the top 5 women's sports jacket in 2024 spring&summer.

1. For Women's Football

    Since Hanafootball is a brand specifically designed for female football players, let's start with the jacket we are most familiar with and have personally tested—the women's football jacket.

    We know that many ballers wear jackets during warm-ups, taking them off once their bodies are ready for intense play, and then putting them back on after games or training sessions to avoid getting cold. Moreover, when it's drizzling or windy, wearing a jacket while playing can be more comfortable. Therefore, today's recommendation focuses on comfort, lightweight materials, and movement free.

This Under Armour track jacket, designed specifically for football, features textured knit fabric that is light, tough, and breathable. It's an excellent choice for warm-ups or the early stages of a match, as it's extremely lightweight and comfortable. The black color of the jacket makes it highly versatile, allowing you to wear it over any color of home team short-sleeve shirt, its adaptability ensures that it can be easily incorporated into a variety of football kits and socks.

underarmour womens football jacket for summer

2. For Biking

    For female athletes who enjoy biking, choosing a jacket with excellent wind and rain resistance is crucial. If the jacket can also keep the torso ventilated and cool during rides, it will be beneficial for long-distance cycling. Additionally, the jacket must allow for a full range of upper body movement, so you don't feel restricted when accelerating or climbing hills.

This jacket from SADDLEBACK is made with water-repellent fabric, ensuring you stay dry during rides in rainy and windy conditions. Additionally, the Cam Lock zipper on the front means the zipper will stay firmly in place, even when you shift positions on the bike. A rear pocket provides storage for essentials and also doubles as a stuff sack for the jacket. This unique design makes this jacket highly suitable for cycling, offering both practicality and convenience for cyclists who need reliable protection from the elements without sacrificing flexibility and mobility. 

saddleback biking womens sports jacket


3. For Gyms and Yoga

    For girls who enjoy going to the gym or practicing yoga, comfort and softness are the top priorities. Whether you're doing weightlifting or engaging in flexibility-focused activities like yoga or Pilates, close-fitting and comfortable clothing helps you stay focused. The next consideration is sweat-wicking and breathability. In this context, we recommend lululemon for its efforts in developing high-tech fabrics. Although brands like Gymshark and Alo Yoga have made significant strides in design and manufacturing, lululemon remains the top choice for gym and yoga jackets, at least for this year. Their commitment to creating soft, flexible, and breathable apparel ensures a great workout experience, allowing you to focus on your fitness routine without distractions.

  • Lululemon Lightweight Relaxed-Fit Vented Jacket

Compared to the form-fitting lululemon jackets we might remember, this relaxed-fit version offers the perfect balance between softness and comfort without the restriction that comes with overly tight designs. Not only does it allow for a more natural range of motion during strength training, but it also provides coverage for areas where you might feel less confident.

lululemon yoga and gym womens jacket


4. For Hiking and Treking

    For summer hiking, it's crucial to avoid clothing that is too heavy and insulating, as this can lead to significant dehydration during climbs in the sun. At the same time, you shouldn't choose jackets without any warmth technology, because as the long day of hiking ends, the drop in nighttime temperatures can cause muscle cramps and lead to colds. Therefore, the ideal choice is a jacket that strikes a balance between warmth and lightness, offering good thermoregulation. This ensures you stay comfortable during hot climbs while providing adequate warmth when temperatures drop in the evening.

In recent years, Arc'teryx has gained significant popularity, which sometimes leads people to forget that the brand specializes in mountaineering and sustainability. The Delta jacket from Arc'teryx embodies the brand's technical expertise, ensuring comfort while providing excellent performance. The addition of Phasic AR II panels under the arms enhances stretchability and is made with moisture-wicking fibers, allowing for greater mobility and effective sweat management. This design approach maintains the right balance between functionality and comfort, making the Delta jacket an ideal choice for summer hiking. Its combination of high-quality materials and sustainable practices underscores Arc'teryx's commitment to both performance and environmental responsibility.

womens outing and hiking jacket


5. For Basketball and Netball 

    Netball and basketball are fast-paced sports that require a combination of agility, speed, and teamwork. When choosing the right jacket for these sports, it's essential to focus on flexibility and breathability, as players need to move quickly and remain comfortable throughout intense games. Most importantly, the jacket should not restrict your upper body, nor should it be too short or too long, to avoid the need to adjust it after every shot or pass.


The LNDR SWIFT Jacket is a great choice to meet these needs. Although it wasn't specifically designed for basketball and netball, its excellent stretchability, appropriate length, and fitted hem make it ideal for upper body movement and body flexibility.

SWIFTVIXONJACKET for basketball and netball
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