Girls' Football Kits Guide 2024- Find The Best Football Kits Design For Juniors

Girls' Football Kits Guide 2024: Find The Best Football Kits Design For Juniors

Recently, we recommended some girls' football teams to our friends in London, and we received some feedback. Parents mentioned that apart from the training kits or match kits provided by the clubs, they were unsure how to purchase suitable everyday training football kits for their children, as well as football shoes and accessories for their younger girls' age. Therefore, today, we will recommend some football kits suitable for junior girls.

1. Girls' Football Kits For Training

After kids join in the junior football teams, they usually receive or buy a match kits. However, these jerseys are not suitable for frequent training sessions because they tend to deform after multiple wears and washes. This could result in the jerseys becoming loose and of poor quality for official matches. Therefore, children need to have one or two sets of training football kits prepared in their wardrobe.

  • Kipsta Girls' Football Shirt and Shorts Viralto
Price: £6.99 + £6.99 
For 5-13 years old 

Pros: These Kipsta kits are reasonably priced, of decent quality, and suitable for girls who train about three times a week.
Cons: The use of lightweight materials may result in slightly weaker sweat absorption, and the waist-cinching design of shirt may not be suitable for all body types.

girls football shirt for 5-13 years old recommended by hana
girls football short pants for 5-13 years old recommended by hana
  • Puma Individual Graphic Shirt and Shorts
Price: £18.00 + £24.00
For 5-15 years old
Pros: Designed to offer dynamism and functionality, these kits boasts moisture-wicking properties to ensure dryness. It includes side mesh inserts to enhance breathability.
Cons: The price is too high, but it is necessary for children who undergo frequent high-intensity training. It is important to note that the patterns on the shirt and shorts should be carefully turned inside out during washing to protect the designs.
Puma's high quality football shirt and shorts recommended by hana
  • Stanno Field Match Day Bundle
Price: £19.00
For 116-152 cm heights kids
Pros: This Stanno girls' football kits offers a variety of color combinations to choose. While maintaining affordability, the company ensures the durability and breathability of the football kits, which can contribute to excellent performance in competitions.
Cons: The design and sleeve length tend to be slightly larger, so it's advisable to pay attention to the size when making a purchase.

stanno red and black game football kits for junior girls

2. Junior's Winter/Spring Football Kits

When playing football during the cold winter and spring days, ensuring warmth can effectively prevent children from getting injured during training or matches. When selecting these football kits, attention must be paid to the clothing's warmth retention, moisture-wicking capabilities, and freedom of movement. The warmth retention of the clothing should help young players quickly warm up and get ready for matches, while good moisture-wicking properties can prevent sweat from lingering on the children's bodies during training. When cold winds blow, this sweat can become uncomfortably cold, making players on the field uncomfortable and susceptible to catching colds.

  • Nike Pro Girls' Dri-FIT Long-Sleeve 1/2-Zip Top

Price: £44.99

For 7-10 years old

Pros: From daily training to spending time with friends after school, this 1/2-zip top serves as a comfortable everyday layer. Its smooth and lightweight fabric pulls moisture away from the skin, aiding in maintaining focus during any activity. This Zip Top made of recycled polyester, providing move-free function, and the special finger protection can help the thumb avoid injury during intense clashes.

Cons: Some sizes are out of stock. Not selling with long trousers, you may have to buy bottoms separately, which is somewhat inconvenient.

winter long sleeves girls football kit by nike
  • Adidas Tiro 23 Training Tracksuit Bottoms
Price: £25
For 5-16 years old
Pros: This bottom provides protection for the freezing thighs during the cold days. Its special material design enables both sweat absorption and allows players to move freely.
Cons:   The slim fit leg design may initially feel slightly restrictive, but after wearing it a few times, the leg openings will conform closely to the thigh and calf muscles.
winter Training Tracksuit Bottoms tested by hana

3. Easy and Most Convenient Way to Buy

If you find it troublesome to buy tops and bottoms separately, we'll now recommend a few ways for you to directly purchase complete sets of football kits suitable for junior girls. 

  • Nike Dri-Fit Park 20 Little Kids Kit
How to buy:
Price: 23.07
For 3-8 years old
Pros: Convenient , easy to choose, several colors to choose.

Cons: Compared to purchasing the most suitable tops and bottoms separately, there may be slight performance shortcomings in certain items.

most convinent way to buy little kids football kit at one time
  • Young Kids Club Football kits 
How to buy:
Price: From £10-40
For 3-15 years old
Pros: Reasonable prices, and you can pick out jerseys of the clubs your girl supports. Nice balance between quality, performance and price, as well as the convenience.
Cons: Just like we've mentioned above, some  slight performance shortcomings might be found in certain items.

one off shopping website to buy junior girls football kit

4. Conclusions

These recommendations come entirely from our staff's personal purchases and use experiences, without any sponsorship. As a brand dedicated to female footballer, we aim to provide valuable insights to all community members based on genuine experiences. Additionally, our products are designed specifically for young girls, and they have undergone continuous testing, feedback, and improvement before being launched. We hope our products can help alleviate any concerns you may have when making choices.

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