How to Increase Stamina For Football? Best Drills For Women Footballers 2024.

How to Increase Stamina For Football? Best Drills For Women Footballers 2024.

Do you want to change from fading out in the final minutes to seize victory with a burst of energy? Whether you're a pro or just starting play football, today’s stamina increasing drills can be helpful to you.

1. YOYO Based Training

    The Yo-Yo test is a maximal aerobic endurance fitness test, top teams like Real Madrid, Chelsea, and others utilize this method to test the fitness of their players. We're not asking you to undergo this exact test directly, but rather, we can derive the most effective fitness training methods from the Yo-Yo test.


    Intermittent running refers to the combination of sprinting, jogging, pausing, and then running again. This not only forms the core of the Yo-Yo test but also mirrors the real running conditions of football players on the field. Therefore, we can enhance our stamina through intermittent training.

    We designed the intermittent running drill below specifically for female football players. Sprint along the short sides of the pitch and jog or brisk walk along the long sides, aim to complete 3-4 rounds of training in the first session, gradually increasing the number of rounds in the following weeks as your stamina increases. If your pitch is for 5-a-side or 8-a-side games, you can adjust by adding 2-3 additional rounds of training accordingly.

increase stamina for football by hana's special interval run drills

2.  Treadmill uphill training 

    In the past decades, when people mentioned endurance training, they often thought of long-distance jogging. However, nowadays, the Treadmill uphill workout has become a more efficient method. This is because doing uphill on a treadmill can simulate the conditions of mountain climbing. Mountain climbing not only engages our core and lower body strength for full-body exertion but also enhances cardiovascular function. Furthermore, uphill training doesn't require you to run, just simply walking at a certain speed on an incline can effectively boost cardiovascular fitness. This method is both easy and straightforward.  

    The optimal treadmill incline is between 6 to 12 degrees, with a speed ranging from 4.5 to 6. Running too fast can subject our knees to excessive pressure.

treadmill uphill is effective way for women footballer to increase stamina

3.  Complex Carbohydrates

     Our body's cells' ability to process oxygen determines our maximum stamina during exercise. In addition to improving through intermittent running and uphill training, dietary factors can also help enhance stamina. Unlike simple carbohydrates we eat everyday, complex carbs take longer to be broken down and digested, leading to a gradual and prolonged release of glucose into the bloodstream. This sustained energy release supports endurance and helps maintain consistent performance during physical activity. 

    Of course, we don't need to adhere to Cristiano Ronaldo's diet, forcing ourselves to eat only chicken breast and broccoli. Simply adding some fresh vegetables and fruits into our daily meals, along with increasing the intake of whole grains a few days before exercise, is sufficient.

complex carbohydrates diet help increasing stamina for football

4. Structured muscle training

    Through smart muscle training, we can avoid becoming overly bulky and instead enhance muscle endurance with the assistance of core and lower body muscles, providing a continuous source of energy.

effective muscle training to increase stamina for football

5. Pre-Workout and Post-Work Secrets

    Before we begin training or competing, it's advisable to have some easily digestible fruits or biscuits to provide our bodies with enough fuel, avoiding hunger and preventing our bodies from lacking energy.

    On the other hand, after the game, we need to focus on muscle relaxation. This is because the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles during exercise takes a long time to naturally dissipate. That's also why you feel sore after a sudden exercising. Lactic acid can make our bodies sluggish and stiff, ultimately diminishing our energy supply capabilities. Therefore, post-match stretching or using a massage gun to loose the muscles can increase stamina. 

massage gun for increasing stamina for footballers
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