UEFA Women’s Nations League Final Highlights and Promotion & Delegations Standings

UEFA Women’s Nations League Final Highlights and Promotion & Delegations Standings

The exciting Women's UEFA Nations League final has come to a close, with the Spanish team setting a record by winning both the men's and women's national teams titles. Besides the thrilling final match, the third-place and the relegation playoff second round were also held as scheduled. Let's review the highlights and match results of these games.

1. Final: Spain vs France

Both sides were very cautious in this final match. The more efficient Spanish team scored two goals with four shots on target, successfully securing their spot in this summer's Olympic Games in Paris.


In the seventh minute of the match, the Spanish team took the initiative. A reverse triangle pass from Mariona Caldentey on the left side of the penalty area was met by Salma Paralluelo, whose shot was blocked by a French defender.


In the following period, both teams played very cautiously without creating clear opportunities until around the 30th minute when a header from Spanish defender Irene Paredes hit the post, alerting the French defense.


The goal for Spain quickly followed, again originating from an attack on the left side. Caldentey's excellent assist found Aitana Bonmati, the Ballon d'Or winner, who swiftly arrived and placed the ball into the empty net.


The trailing French team repeatedly attempted to threaten the Spanish side with crosses and long shots, but their efforts were unable to surpass the vigilant hands of Catalina Coll. Instead, in the second half, Spain once again expanded their lead through a wing attack, with Mariona Caldentey providing the assist for the goal this time.


In the subsequent period, the French team failed to organize a successful comeback, and the score remained 2-0 until the end of the match. Aitana Bonmati, who performed well, was awarded the Player of the Match title after the game. 


2. Third-place: Netherlands vs Germany

The German team dominated their opponent, the Netherlands, in this match with strong tactical discipline and effective tactical execution, securing their opportunity to advance to Paris.


3. Promotion & Delegation Results 

In the second round of the playoffs, most teams that secured victories in the first round continued their winning streaks. Ultimately, the teams that clinched victories over both legs were Sweden, Northern Ireland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Iceland, Belgium, and Norway. 

results of 2nd leg promotion and delegation
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