Does women’s football make money? The surprising truth.

Does women’s football make money? The surprising truth.

There's often skepticism surrounding whether women's football can truly make money. Well, the truth is, women’s football are making money, but it is not a big money. Let’s look at the date sorted by hana football.


1. Women’s Football Overall Revenue :

The revenue of women's football is on the rise, yet it still falls short of the immense scale of men's football.According to Deloitte 'football money league' , by the year 2024, it is expected that the global revenue of women's football will exceed an astonishing £423 million (€500 million).


2. Highest Earning Clubs:

Barcelona's Femení unveiled a remarkable revenue of €13.4m for the 2022/23 season, seeing an impressive year-on-year surge of 74%. Followed by Man united women at  €8m and real madrid femenino €7.4m. The Barcelona  Femení has been the world's highest-earning club for the past three years ( €13.4m in 2023, 7.7m in 2022, and €5.51m in 2021 ), while Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea have taken turns to become the most profitable clubs in the WSL. (source: Deloitte & givemesport)

top highest womens football revenue clubs in 2023

2023 ©️ Deloitte 

highest women's football revenue clubs in 2021

2022 ©️ Deloitte 

highest women's football revenue clubs in 2022
2021 ©️ givemesport

3. Top-Earning Players and Average Income

Obviously, players like Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, and Sam Kerr have secured lucrative contracts in the world, and they deserved.  Kerr reportedly earns around £417,000 annually, tailing by Alex Morgan at £375,000 and  Megan Rapinoe at £373,000

the 10 women football player who makes most money in 2024
©️ 888sport

One the other hand, the average salary in WSL £47,000 and the lowest pay is  £20,000 in 2023. (source: statista). In the NWSL, the average annual salary is £43,000, and the La Liga players earn an average annual income of £34,000. (source:Sky news & NWSL soccer)

Let’s get back to the question you initially asked, "Does women's football make money?" Yes, indeed, it does make money. However, if you look at the comparisons that follow, you'll realize that there's still significant room for growth in the women's football market.

4. Some interesting comparisons 

Matchday, broadcast, commercial, and prize money sources are the primary revenue streams for all women's football clubs. Therefore, we can explore the future potential of the women's football market by comparing ticket prices, broadcasting revenue sharing, and prize money between men's and women's football.

The cheapest WSL tickets are for Manchester United and Liverpool, priced at £6 per adult, while the most expensive are for West Ham United and Reading at £12 each. However, do you know how much the cheapest ticket in the Premier League is? £44. Season ticket prices for the Big 6 clubs are all above £1000. (source: fourfourtwo & the standard)

chelsea's men and women football's ticket price difference in 2024
When it comes to broadcast revenue, in 2021, The FA has announced a "landmark" deal  with Sky Sports and BBC to secure the broadcasting rights for the Women's Super League. The agreement, believed to be worth around £8 million per season. However, the number Man city earned in the same year is £146.29 million , while Norwich only earned the least  £93.79 million among 18 premier teams.
Messi achieved his long-awaited World Cup trophy in 2022, bringing Argentina £35 million in prize money. However, last year, the Spanish ladies only brought home £3.4 million in championship prize.

5. Summary 

This blog isn't about comparing income disparities between male and female footballers, even though such differences are significant and impossible to overlook. We are writing this blog to tell all women’s football lover worldwide that there is immense potential in this sport, please don't give up your love for football due to temporary challenges. You are part of a rapidly growing endeavor in this great sport.
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