Guides of concacaf women gold cup 2024-fixtures-players-fixtures-and how- to-watch-in-UK

CONCACAF Gold Cup 2024: What’s it? Who’s Playing? Fixtures? How to Watch in UK?

I bet some players from your supported WSL club have recently left to participate in the CONCACAF W Gold Cup, right? But you might not know what this tournament is, which WSL players are about to leave their clubs to participate, what are the fixtures of this tournament and how to watch the games in UK. Today, we'll help you find out.

1. What is CONCACAF W Championship (Gold Cup)

The CONCACAF Women's Gold Cup is the premier women's soccer tournament in the CONCACAF region, which encompasses North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Held biennially, the tournament serves as the qualification pathway for CONCACAF teams to participate in the FIFA Women's World Cup and the Summer Olympics. Yes, it is a very important championship.

Guides of concacaf women gold cup 2024-fixtures-players-fixtures-and how- to-watch-in-UK

As the strongest women's soccer nation in the Americas, the United States team has won the CONCACAF championship for three consecutive times. And since the inception of the tournament in 1991, they have clinched the title nine times. Their biggest competitor is Canada, which has won the championship twice and secured six runner-up positions.

groups and teams in this year concacaf gold cup 2024

2. Who’s leaving for 2024 CONCACAF Gold Cup from WSL teams

  • Chelsea : 4 players
Ashley Lawrence(🇨🇦) and  Kadeisha Buchanan(🇨🇦), Mia Fishel(🇺🇸),Myra Ramirez(🇨🇴)
  • Arsenal : 3 players
Sabrina D'Angelo(🇨🇦), Cloé Lacasse(🇨🇦), Emily Fox(🇺🇸)
  • Aston villa : 1 player
Adriana Leon(🇨🇦)
  • Manchester United : 2 players
Jayde Riviere(🇨🇦), Geyse Ferreira(🇧🇷), 
  • Leicester City : 1 player
Deanne Rose(🇨🇦)
  • Bristol City : 4 players

Sarah Stratigakis(🇨🇦), Shania Hayles(🇯🇲), Satara Murray(🇯🇲), Shae Yáñez(🇺🇸)

  • West Ham United : 2 players

Shelina Zadorsky(🇨🇦), Kristie Mewis(🇺🇸)

  • Manchester City : 1 player
Khadija Shaw(🇯🇲)
  • Tottenham Hotspur : 2 players
Drew Spence(🇯🇲),  Rebecca Spencer(🇯🇲)
  • Brighton : 2 players
Madison Haley(🇺🇸), Jorelyn Carabalí(🇨🇴)
Players get 2024 CONCACAF Gold Cup Calls From WSL Clubs

3. Fixtures

The opening match of the 2024 CONCACAF Women Gold Cup group stage features Mexico against Argentina. The group stage will run from February 20th to February 29th. Following that are the quarterfinals on March 3rd, the semifinals on March 7th, and the final on March 10th (April 11th in UK time).

During the group stage, matches generally take place in the afternoon or evening local time in the United States, which means viewers in the UK may need to stay up late to watch the games. However, there are three exciting matchups worth watching during the group stage.

  • Agentina vs. USA :  February 24th (UK) 03:15 AM
  • Columbia vs. Brazil : February 25th (UK) 03:15 AM
  • USA vs. Mexico : February 27th (UK) 03:15 AM
games' fixtures of group stages in 2024 concacaf women gold cup


4. How to watch CONCACAF Gold Cup in UK

The 2024 CONCACAF W Gold Cup   is available to stream live on CONCACAF GO and CONCACAF's YouTube channel in the UK. Meanwhile,  ESPN+ will showcase all 28 W Gold Cup matches live and ESPN Deportes will televise 23 games. 

ways to watch 2024 concacaf gold cup in uk

5. Conclusions 

As this week marks the international match day, the number of players absent from club matches due to CONCACAF will be reduced. However, once the matches resume, players from strong teams like the USA and Canada are likely to miss some important club games. For Bristol City Women, who are currently in the relegation zone, the impact will be significant as they will be without four players due to the CONCACAF Gold Cup, all of whom come from strong teams - Jamaica, the USA, and Canada. Additionally, Chelsea is facing a similar situation as they compete with Manchester City for the title. Nonetheless, we hope all players return safely from the upcoming international match day, free from any injuries or setbacks.


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