Worth Buying England New Football Jersey? Lionesses 2024 New National teams Jersey Release

Worth Buying England New Football Jersey? Lionesses 2024 New National teams Jersey Release

    Over the past two weeks, we've witnessed the unveiling of the new national team kits by NIKE, and among them, the eagerly anticipated England national teams kit has captured the attention of many fans. You might be curious about the new changes, features, and characteristics of the kit. Today's sharing will help you decide whether this latest kit release is worth purchasing.

1. Overall 

    Generally speaking, the newly released Lions and Lionesses jerseys this year represent a significant departure from Nike's previous criticized approach of unchanged national team kits. This year's new jerseys demonstrate a genuine and innovative change, offering a refreshing new look.

overall changes and compares of england new  football jersey

2. Details Changes 

    The most noticeable change is in colour. Besides transitioning from blue to navy blue overall, red elements have been added to the cuffs. Compared to the previous monotonous solid colour design, the interplay of these two colours appears livelier and more sophisticated. Additionally, the three Lions/Lionesses  and the rose on the badge have become more vibrant and eye-catching.

changes in color of england new football jersey

    Furthermore, the striped sleeve cuffs and neck tape make the whole garment look significantly different. You can clearly see the small holes between the stripes on the garment, and these design and craftsmanship improvements make the clothing more breathable and comfortable.

small holes in nike england new football jersey

3. How it Looks

    From the images and the jerseys worn by the lionesses, it's evident that the new jerseys are indeed very attractive, at least compared to the previous year. Not only has the home jersey been upgraded, but the away jersey also features many delightful design surprises. We can see some below. 


4. Price

    Currently, the price on the NIKE official website is £124.99 ADV version, while the England store sells it for £84.99 Dri-FIT version. To be honest, it's quite expensive. 

5. How to Style England New Football Jersey?

    This stylish jersey doesn't require much effort to pair with, as choosing the right colours can help you maintain your style on the pitch while staying focused on performance. In addition to suitable footwear, blue accessories like grip socks and headbands can enhance both professionalism and overall style. 

how to style england new football jersey


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