women footballers wearing headbands

Why Women Footballers Wear Headbands?

Have you ever wondered why so many women footballers wearing headbands in matches and trainings? Actually, sporting headbands is not merely about style but often serves a functional purpose, Let’s find out the secrets of headbands. 

1. Game Focus

A primary reason lionesses wear headbands is to enhance their comfort and focus during intense matches, which demands unwavering attention throughout the 90 minutes. Even the slightest distraction can affect a player's performance, isn’t it?

womens football player pov without headbands

Imagine that, just as you've brushed aside the strands blocking your view and prepared to receive a pass, a few strands of hair flowing again. I know you've experienced this situation, which is incredibly uncomfortable and distracting. Game focus, that’s why we need headbands, for  preventing it from constraining your vision or causing discomfort.

2.  Sweat Absorbing


Headbands keep your forehead and hairline dry, so you won't be a sweaty mess during matches. Great headbands are typically made from moisture-wicking materials like cotton, polyester, or high-performance fabrics. These fabrics are experts at wicking away moisture from the skin, ensuring athletes stay dry and comfy.

a women wearing hana football headbands to absorb sweating


3. Style

Headbands also contribute to the players' sense of style and identity on the field. Many athletes use them as a means of personal expression, choosing colourways or designs that showing off their tastes and attitudes.

lv headbands wore by a Premier player showing attitudes

4. Special Meanings

In some cases, athletes may wear headbands as a nod to cultural practices or customs that hold personal significance. Alex Morgan always wearing pink headbands, the colour closely associated with breast cancer, to show her lover and support to her mother-in-law and raising the public awareness. 

Alex Morgan always wearing pink headbands for cultural influences


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