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Style your Football casual fashion effortlessly : Inspirations & Tips

Perhaps you've noticed that fashion trends are becoming ever more transient, with a single viral tiktok or reels giving rise to an entirely new streetwear craze. As we step into the beginning of 2024, we've observed the sustained popularity of effortlessly football casual fashion infused with sports vitality across various platforms. Hence, We are presenting some inspirations for you, along with some styling tips.

1. Be bold, Be colorful 

In order to ensure that football jerseys are easily recognizable by viewers in front of their television screens, jersey manufacturers consider high-saturation colors in their designs, such as red, orange, and blue. This is why these colors are the most common choices for jersey combinations. When the colors of football jerseys collide with everyday outfits or form interesting connections with the scenes being captured, this vibrant and colorful style of dressing becomes lively and exudes a unique vibe.

a girl dressing high-sturation colour makes casual wear stunning
via @sabsinghh
Bright yellow jersey by Ritaora makes football casual style


  • Try high-contrast color combinations, like wearing a brightly colored football jersey on a gloomy afternoon in London. Not only will it lift your mood, but you'll also quickly become the most eye-catching presence on the entire street.
a girl wearing yellow for her eye-catching football casual fashion outfits
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  • Experiment with color coordination. In Ginera's look, she cleverly selected white socks and shoes with a touch of pink, creating a harmonious connection with her pink jersey. This makes the entire outfit appear exceptionally cute and playful.
a girl wearing cute pink jersey and shoe for her football casual outfit
via @gineramavilla

2. Never outdated denim

Denim is a timeless streetwear element that never goes out of style. In our everyday lives, we often pair a stylish pair of jeans or a denim jacket with a simple t-shirt, creating a uniquely personalized casual style. In this formula, we can substitute the t-shirt with a football jersey, giving it a distinctive twist.
a girl wearing denim and jerseys makes her football casual fashion vibe
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  • When trying the combination of denim and a football jersey, remember not to layer too many elements. For example, if you're wearing jeans with a football jersey, it's advisable not to add a denim jacket (No denim on denim), as it may detract from the focal point and result in aesthetic fatigue.
  • Aim for a 「loose + fitted」silhouette. Just because it's casual fashion doesn't mean you should haphazardly stack oversized top and bottom pieces; doing that makes the overall look appear lackluster.
  • We have some tips about how to style girls football kit fashionably, it may help you.

    3. Collab designs

    Since 2021, many fashion brands have introduced collaborative designs with football teams. Appropriately selecting these collaborations not only showcases your identity as a football fan but also shows your taste and attitude.
    Collaboration design by patta and barca upgrades the football casual style taste
    a girl wearing collab designs showing her attitude


    • Avoid buying excessively expensive collections(such as Balenciaga) , even the high-priced collaborations may not guarantee quality due to limitations in manufacturing materials. Purchasing such costly garments could likely result in deformation after just a few wears.
    • Be sure to choose a team or brand that you are familiar with or genuinely fond of. Only when you have a true appreciation or understanding of the stories behind these designs can you authentically showcase your personal style in every move and gesture.

    4. Hats, bracelets or earrings

    Casual fashion means that your outfit is relaxed and effortless for everyday wear. Most importantly, it should feel easy and laid-back. If you find the inspirations mentioned above require carefully selected colors, collaborative designs, or if you currently lack a pair of satisfying jeans, you can still embrace this style by accessorizing football apparel with your everyday hats, bracelets, and earrings.
    a girl wear her casual hats for football casual fashion


    • Try to avoid pure white or pure black hats, as they may make you appear too casual and give the impression that your overall outfit lacks consideration.
    • Choose bracelets and earrings that you are fond of, as when you purchased them, you undoubtedly considered how these accessories could enhance your facial features or overall style.
    a girl accessorizes her football casual fashion with bracelet and earrings
    • Don't let bracelets and earrings steal the spotlight. Oversized earrings or overly flashy jewelry might overshadow your football jersey and contradict the effortless and natural essence conveyed by casual fashion.
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