play warm in winter: tested and tried girls football kit guide by hana

Play warm in the Winter : Girls football kit guide

Hey lionesses, your passion about football can’t warm you up and keep your whole body warm during the cold rainy days, you need some right football kit to ensure comfort and performance in the 90-minutes-long training or game. In this blog post, we'll explore the key elements of a girls' football kit that not only keeps players warm but also enhances their gaming performance during the winter season.


1. Insulated Base Layers

The foundation of any effective winter football kit is a high-quality insulated base layer, because it can help you to keep core area warm, assuring your blood can be transferred to your head, hands and feet, instead of letting 'cold feet' ruin your game. A decent t hermal base layers provide an additional layer of insulation, stopping the freezing winds 🥶 touch your skin. 

Here’s hana tips on choosing a right base layer:

1. Make sure it fits you well, a good base layer should be like your  second skin.

2. Make sure it can wicks away perspiration, keeping your body dry.

3. Make sure the composition: base layers is not like socks, they need Polyester to provide fabric stretchability.

4. Make sure the price is reasonable, because you always need to update a new one to keep the thermal function works.

    We have some recommendations for you:

    Next ( For 3-12 years old )

    hana's base layer recommendation \

    Mckinley ( For 12 above)

      Women’s base layer recommended by hana football

      2.  Gloves and Headgear

      A Sports gloves can have a significant impact during chilly days, but it must be specifically designed for sports, not just any motorcycle gloves or other options ( cause my mom gave me a bicycle gloves when i was 7, they didn’t absorb sweat). By the way, a neck warmer can be extremely helpful, it wraps around your neck to block out cold winds and keeps your vision unobstructed. 
      Here’s  hana tips on choosing gloves and headgear:

      1. A thick beanie might warms, but it makes you sweat even more.

      2. Don’t save money on the Sports gloves, it must be designed for sports.

      3. A good neck warmer (snoods) should be long enough to cover your mouth and nose, protecting  respiratory systems from cold air.

      We have tested and tried some for you:

      Forza thermal winter sports gloves

        winter sports gloves is important in girls football kit

        Little Adventure buff kids neck warmer (for 3-12 years old)

          kids neck warmer tested by hana for girls football kit in winter

          Nike Dri-FIT Winter Warrior Neck Warmer - Blue ( For 12 above)

            Nike neck warmer tested and tried by hana

            3.  Thermal socks

            Cold feet can be distracting and uncomfortable during a football match. Invest in thermal socks designed for sports to keep players' feet warm and dry. Proper insulation for the feet contributes to overall warmth and helps prevent injuries that can arise from playing in cold weather.

            Although We have tested some football socks in the previous post, still we have some tips for you in the winter: 

            1. Just Like hats, thick socks can keep you warm, but it can also makes you cumbersome.

            2. Absorption > Thickness

            3. terry sole techniques is the best solutions, with its thermal advantages.

                Here's our recommendations:

                Hana girls' football socks ( for 6 - 12 years old )

                    the terry sole design of hana girls football socks is powerful in winter

                    Olorun Euro Striped socks ( for 12 above)

                      hana tested olorun can be a choice in winter days

                      4. Waterproof tracksuits 

                      Girls' football kits should include weather-resistant outerwear, such as a durable and breathable waterproof jacket. Look for designs that protect against wind and rain while allowing for optimal movement on the field. A good jacket will keep players warm and dry, even on the coldest and wettest days.

                      Hana's tips:

                      1. These tracksuits should offer warmth without compromising mobility

                      2. No need to splurge on expensive options, as the cotton and chemical fiber components may loosen over time, requiring replacement in the future.

                      3. Bottoms are as important as the tops!

                          we selected some bottoms and tops:

                          Pendle's Braga waterproof jacket

                            hana recommened red waterproof jacket

                            Joma Womens Eco-Championship Tracksuit

                                Joma tracksuits can be effective sets in winter
                                We hope you can stay warm, stay comfortable, and enjoy the beautiful game all year round with a thoughtfully listed winter football kit tailored for girls.
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