Find The Recommended Football Pitch Size Suits Your Training Purposes

Find The Recommended Football Pitch Size Suits Your Training Purposes

Choosing the right football pitch size is crucial for maximising your performance, ensuring safety, and enhancing the overall enjoyment of the game.Today's football pitch size guide will help different age groups and training purposes find the perfect football pitch size that suits them best.

football pitch size to consider

1. Age Groups & Recommended Football Pitch Size

  • Ages 8-15 : Youth Development 

  • Recommended Pitch Size: 60 yards x 40 yards ( 7 a side )
At this developmental stage, children benefit from smaller pitches that allow them to focus on skills and techniques without being overwhelmed by the physical demands of a full-sized pitch.We believe that 5-a-side pitches are more suitable for basic training, such as dribbling, passing, and shooting, for children over the age of 8. However, for those who aim to achieve technical progress, it is highly beneficial to become familiar with 7-a-side or even 8-a-side pitches as early as possible at this stage. These larger pitches typically involve more players and more intense ball possession transitions, which can help children learn to think and pass more quickly on the field, and encourage more touches of the ball and improve spatial awareness. This stage is a golden period for the development of football IQ. Additionally, training on slightly larger 7-a-side pitches can greatly enhance children's stamina and strength, preparing them well for the next step of adapting to 11-a-side pitches.
7 a side football pitch size

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  • Ages 15-35: Peak Physical Fitness and Competitive Play

  • Recommended Pitch Size: 115 yards x 75 yards (standard 11 a side pitch)

This age group typically has the physical capacity to handle the demands of a full-sized pitch. 11 a side pitches are ideal for competitive matches and rigorous training sessions, providing ample space for strategic plays and physical exertion. 

If your goal is simply to exercise and develop a hobby through football, why worry about the 11-a-side pitch being too large? The factor that determines how tired you will be after a match is not the size of the pitch but the intensity of the game or training. The intensity of a match featuring stars from the WSL or Premier League on the same pitch is vastly different from a game played by all your friends from the neighbourhood. Don't worry about the pitch being too large. After all, compared to 8-a-side, 11-a-side games allow more teammates to have a chance to play, and you can connect with more people through the game. Isn't that better?

11 a side football pitch size standard
  • Ages 35-55: Maintaining Fitness and Recreational Play

  • Recommended Size: 80 yards x 50 yards (8 a side or 9 a side)

As players get older, it's important to balance physical exertion with safety. Slightly smaller pitches reduce the running demands while still providing enough space for a good game, helping to maintain fitness levels and reduce the risk of injury.


9 a side football pitch size

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2. Tips for Choosing the Right Football Pitch 

  • Consider the Surface 

The type of surface (grass, artificial turf, indoor flooring) can also influence your choice of pitch size. Artificial surfaces may allow for smaller pitches as they provide a faster and more consistent playing field. And don’t forget to choose proper football shoes for different types of turf.

football shoes for different football turf

  • Accessibility and Location 

Ensure the pitch is accessible for all players. Proximity to amenities like parking, restrooms, and seating can enhance the overall experience. If you have no idea about how to find football pitch near you or football teams near you, do check out our previous guide.

find a join a football pitch game
  • Facilities

Some pitches have large parking areas, while others do not. Some offer lounges, shower rooms, and gyms, while others have none of these amenities. When booking a pitch, it’s best to check these details on the official website.

choosing football pitch with ample parking lot

Anyways, the key is to ensure that the pitch size aligns with your physical capabilities and your purpose of the game. Stay tuned with us and Happy playing!

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